My Sassy Girl 2 is coming! In the photos released today, the breathtaking scenery in China made a fantastic backdrop for scenes from the upcoming My Sassy Girl movie sequel. 

Actor Cha Tae Hyun and f(x)'s leader Victoria Song filmed scenes in front of a well-known statue in Weihai and on the streets of Shadong Lijiang and Shangri La. The road trip was a search for the sassy girl's mentor, portrayed by Chinese actor Wang Je Chang.

The statute scene alone attracted a large number of spectators.

What happens when a woman who can’t lie becomes a news reporter? Find out in Park Shin Hye’s new series Pinocchio:

“The beautiful Weihai Sea, the mountain paths to the Himalayas, and the charming rural villages have all been captured on film for the upcoming ‘My Sassy Girl 2’ movie," a representative from the production team said.

The joint Korean and Chinese project My Sassy Girl 2 wrapped filming last month. In the story, Gyun Woo marries his first love against all odds. She takes him for the ride of his life. It is scheduled to debut in theaters in May 2015.

My Sassy Girl, which was the first hit movie, starred Cha and My Love From Another Star actress Jeon Ji Hyun. It premiered in 2001.

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