Kim So Hyun is armed for battle!

The Ruler: Master of the Mask gets even darker this week with a drastic change in one of the sweet characters. In the recently released stills, Han Ga Eun (Kim So Hyun) is in the middle of a life-threatening situation after wielding her sword to someone. Was she trying to attack royalty after an unfortunate event she feel they caused? Or was she trying to save her father from his death penalty? The photos show her surrounded by swords after her attempted attack. Her father's life's wasn't threatened in the last four episodes, but he came against the gang controlling the water. The lethal gang is already on a rampage murdering people to put fear in everyone's heart who dare opposes them. 

The MBC production team had this to say about the shocking scene, “Han Ga Eun will be shown in a new light through Kim So Hyun’s sword scene. This will mark the beginning of an unexpected suspense. Please watch today’s episode to find out what will happen to Kim So Hyun.”

Her iconic sword scene was filmed in Mungyeong, North Gyeongsang Province on March 6. The 17 year-old actress was dedicated to working with a martial arts team to learn how to draw her sword and wield it.

You can discover the reason behind this dangerous moment in time on this week's episodes of Ruler: Master of the Mask. Episodes 5-8 will premiere today and tomorrow here on DramaFever. 

What do you think she is fighting for? 

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Ruler: Master of the Mask

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