Photos of Kim Tae Hee wearing a traditional hanbok were released by the production team of Jang Ok Jung. Kim Tae Hee will portray the fashionable Joseon-era femme fatale and leading fashion designer in the Joseon Dynasty, who has historically been known to be a political figure. It will be the actress' first historical drama. The costume designer revealed that the colors of the hanbok were chosen "to bring out Jang Ok Jung’s innate talent for fashion in the drama," and "to construct an image that complements her status as a leading fashion designer in the Joseon Dynasty. The drama will seek to offer viewers a fresh new perspective on the life of Jang Ok Jung with its story and hanbok." As a lover of purple and black, I am obsessed with Kim Tae Hee's hanbok. Since purple is the regal color, it plays off her noble background and the black balances the hanbok by keeping it simple. The detailed embroidery softens the outfit with its touch of femininity.  She makes an elegant and lovely Joseon noblewoman, but then again she can wear anything and shine so beautifully. What do you think of this first glimpse of Jang Ok Jung? (Source: