I guess today is just going to be photo-overload day. Take a look at a massive collection of stills from Take Care of Us, Captain, SBS’s new entry in the Wednesday-Thursday race. It’s up against two promising other new entries — The Moon That Embraces The Sun and Wild Romance — so all eyes will be on the ratings numbers once the three have made their simultaneous bows. I’ll admit to being lukewarm on the concept of Captain, but now that I’ve seen more from the show, I do think it looks very pretty. Plus, Ji Jin-hee looks awesome. I don’t just mean that in the “He’s so hot” way — that doesn’t hurt, though — but that he looks completely into character and charismatic, even in still photographs. Not that we’d expect any less of Ji, who’s so good when he’s got a good script and cast to work with. (Not that he’s ever bad. But he can be wasted, that’s for sure. See: Spotlight.) But let’s get right to the good stuff: Read more on Dramabeans.