The police abusing their authority is nothing new, no matter where in the world you live. In Japan, the police will stop and frisk you just for looking different. So when Ultra 7 took to the streets, you can guess what happened to him.

Even Ultra 7, who fought for justice and protected the people of Japan (including the police) from monsters time and time again, can't get a break walking down the street. While strolling through Akihabara, Ultra 7 was stopped by a female cop with absolutely no sense of humor whatsoever, and got his belongings searched. I mean... what does Ultra 7 have to do to get a little respect? If it weren't for him and his brothers, Japan would have been annihilated by monsters a long time ago.

See the last great swordsman defend his people and transform a nation in The Joseon Gunman, starring Lee Joon Ki
This is really like a cop harassing Superman. Totally not cool. But because Ultra 7 is all about justice, he complied, without arguing or getting upset.

Thank you, Ultra 7. As always.