by KrisE:
There is seriously something about the female characters of K-Dramas that make me want to punch a wall at times. Whyyy must the mother and “other” woman be so annoying!??! Don’t you feel like you need to clutch a stress ball whenever they appear on screen???!
I always thought Goo Jun Pyo’s mother (Lee Hye Yeong) was the worst because she always seemed to go the extra mile to mess with Jandi. But now that I’ve seen countless dramas to compare, I can look back and at least say that she actually had a valid reason to be the way she was unlike some of these other ones. These days’ chicks are acting crazy for little to no reason what so ever and making up stories and situations in their heads. 0_o
No, really! For example I’ll use “Me Too! Flower” and “Baker King Kim Tak Goo” to explain. Quick side note! Both of these dramas star actor, Yoon Shi Yoon who is just so amazing not only look wise; but when he cries it makes me cry and he seems to cry all the time! Alright, so in Flower you have Park Hwa Young (Han Go Eun) who is totally scary! I don’t think I’ve encountered a character quite like her. Mentally the chick was shot, and the things she would do just to try and keep Yoon Shi Yoon’s character by her side was so messed up that I didn’t know if she wanted to love him or destroy him. She frustrated me so much that I started to have my own mentally unstable thoughts of how she should be handled!
Now in Baker King, Seo In Sook (Jun In Hwa) is not only a member of “The Mother from Hell Club”, but she’s also so mentally out there that I’m still not sure if I should just laugh, or try to push her down a few hundred steps. I’m not even done watching this drama but her character totally blows my mind. I’m not kidding when I say she MAKES THINGS UP! She actually sits around and creates nonexistent situations and then goes after whoever she feels is involved! I’ve seriously been sitting here staring at the screen in total disbelief going “what is freaking wrong with you?! This person doesn’t even know anything about you!!! Find a therapist please!!!!!”
Like seriously! O.M.G! Don’t these characters seem to be getting crazier and crazier!? Do any of you have a favorite female drama character that has totally just made you feel violent and beyond annoyed???? K-Kisses! KrisE Follow me on Twitter @K_Kisses_KrisE
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