If you search the phrase "Chinese 2000 iPhones dominoes," Google gives you a page full of listings like "Chinese man buys 2,000 iPhones and uses them as dominoes." Despite the number of stories, this incident is not actually real. There is a spectacular video of iPhones falling down like dominoes and lighting up a holiday display, but this fake story actually blends two unrelated stories.

The fake news begins with:

"Wonderful. A Chinese 'local tyrant' made the trek to Liverpool, England, to get his heap of iPhones customized by luxury design company Stuart Hughes, who decked-out the devices with jewels and gold. The man then took all 2,000 iPhones and played dominoes with them, presumably for spite."

First, let's watch the impressive video:

Wasn't that a fantastic display?

But, have you noticed what we saw?

The people in the video all appeared to be non-Chinese. The iPhones were not decked out with jewels and gold. The Happy Holidays light appeared to be for the holidays and did not seem to carry any message for or against iPhones.

The truth is that Aatma studio created the video, but the studio also admitted that the light displays were computer generated, so it didn't even use 2,000 iPhones.

"We are an animation and digital content studio specializing in producing computer-generated imagery, so we modeled, animated and rendered computer-generated phones, where the footage was used as a background and the phones were composited over it," said Pramod Modi Shantharam, CEO and animation director at Aatma Studio.

So the story about the Chinese man who bought 2,000 iPhones to use as dominos is not true.

On the other hand, even in fake news there is sometimes a nugget of truth. The nugget of truth here is that there really is a Stuart Hughes company that has made a customized, 600-plus diamond-encrusted iPhone that is labeled as the "Most expensive iPhone in the world" and is priced at 10 million pounds (16.6 million dollars.)

Here's what Stuart Hughes says about "iPhone 5 Black Diamond" on its website:

"This beautiful handset took 9 weeks of detailed intricate work to re-create the original chasis of the iPhone 5 in solid gold all of which was started and finished by hand, including a flawless black single deep cut diamond weighing in at 26 cts, most unique to replace the home button also the chasis was inlaid with a circa of 600 white flawless diamonds with full gold dressing for the rear section with the logo in solid gold with 53 flawless diamonds. This masterpiece boasts a massive circa of 135 grams of 24-ct gold and of course sapphire glass set in the screen. The result was outstanding even down to the precise polishing to reveal its most beautiful harmonious appearance. The handset was commissioned for Stuart by a Chinese business man who has had the black diamond for a while, this handset total cost is £10 million."

Here's the photo of the "Most expensive iPhone in the world."

We do not, however, have the photo of the Chinese businessman who paid over 16 million dollars for one iPhone.