While the younger generation of Tokyo, Osaka, and other large metropolitan areas were getting dressed up partying hard for Halloween, another kind of dress-up was taking place in the historic city of Nara. To promote their 1200-year-old temple, a group of monks participated in what is probably the world's first ever Buddhist monk fashion show.

I'm sure there were a handful of monks who were totally against (or maybe not) the idea of participating in this fashion show, but to promote the 1200-year anniversary of the historic Kongōbu-ji Temple, 1500 took part in the auditions, and 10 monks were selected. These monks put runway models in Milan to shame with their Zen expressions as they walked up and down the runway. If you think about it, sometimes models in fashion shows look like they're trying to be all Zen with their I'm-so-sexy-I'm-not-even-trying-to-look-this-cool expressions, but let's not forget, as these monks know, achieving enlightenment takes years of commitment and meditation.

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If a fashion designer can be inspired by Sumo wrestlers, it's only a matter of time before we see a Buddhist monk-inspired collection at some Fashion Week. The models better practice their Zen looks.

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