The incredibly popular Princess Agents series has arrived at DramaFever! The thrilling drama stars Zhao Li Ying, Lin Geng Xin (aka Kenny Lin), and Shawn Dou in a riveting story of a slave girl who, against all odds, rises to gain her freedom and the love of two handsome royals. Start your binge now!

In a time of civil war, a slave enters the royal household and starts training to become a fearless and skilled warrior. But the dangers outside the palace walls are nothing compared to what lies within.


The Western Wei Dynasty is entering a time of grave civil unrest. Bloodshed between competing factions is common. Amidst all this, Chu Qiao (Zhao Li Ying) finds herself enslaved and she doesn't recall her true origin. Although intelligent and courageous, she belongs in the lowest rank in the society, and her fate, like all those around her, is in the hands of the nobility. The same nobles do not value slaves' lives as their equal and arrange events where they hunt slaves for sport. It is at one such event where Chu Qiao comes across Yan Xun (Shawn Dou), a noble with a cheerful and compassionate nature. Yan Xun is a prince of Norther Yan but lives in Great Wei as a pledge of allegiance in behalf of his homeland. He notices Chu Qiao's unique courage and extends a helping hand.

When Chu Qiao enters the aristocratic household of Yuwen Manor, she goes through strict military training under master Yuwen Yue (Lin Geng Xin), an ambitious and stoic noble who is quietly keeping many secrets. She also meets Yuan Chun (Li Qin), a beautiful and pampered princess who dreams of marrying Yan Xun. As Chu Qiao grows closer to Yan Xun, she finds herself caught in the politics of the royal factions. When Yan Xun's family is slaughtered by royal intrigue, he becomes embittered and blinded by the desire for revenge. Slowly, the bond he has formed with Chu Qiao begins to give way to doubt and deception. Meanwhile, despite his self control, Yuwen Yue starts to fall for Chu Qiao, whose intelligence in military training is matched only by her kind heart. Yuwen Yue wants to get closer to Chu Qiao, but she is now a part of the war that will consume the entire dynasty. She also wants to fight against Yuwen Yue in a mistaken belief about his actions.

Can Chu Qiao survive the onslaught of chaos that is about to hit her head on, or will she forever become known as the slave who almost became a hero of the people? How will she face the difficult choices and stare down fate?

Also known as Legend of Chu Qiao, Princess Agents is based on the novel "11 Bureau Princess Agents" by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. The series is directed by acclaimed creator Wu Jin Yuan (Legend of the Condor Heroes). The award-winning drama's original broadcast premiered on Hunan TV on June 05, 2017. Zhao Li Ying (The Mystic Nine), Lin Geng Xin (God of War), Shawn Dou (Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy), and Li Qin (Love 020 movie) lead an ensemble cast in the impressive period drama that proves that although not everyone can be a hero, a hero can come from anywhere.

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Princess Agents - 楚喬傳

Starring Zhao Li Ying and Kenny Lin

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