It might be tough to pinpoint exactly where it originated. It also gains and loses favor as times change. Recently, it's back in fashion again–wearing a coordinated outfit in public to make a definite statement: we’re friends or lovers!

For over a decade there was a phenomenon in Japan that everyone knew as coordinated dressing. It typically involved schoolgirls and young couples who dressed to be perfectly coordinated in their outfits when going out somewhere.

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This is also the thing to do among best friends and couples in a relationship in Korea.">">

Some couples even had matching pajamas, like Oh Ha Ni or Baek Seung Jo in Playful Kiss.

As the trend has matured, couple outfits are very popular, but now matching what they wear precisely and overtly is out. Similar but practical dressing is in.

On the streets of Tokyo there's still some matching coordination but it's not nearly as popular as it used to be. Shots like this are increasingly hard to find these days.

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The current trend is less about matching everything. Copying one or two design elements, like a color or a pattern, is just right.

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These two friends look like they are happy sharing one item: matching sunglasses and going their ways in these cute outfits.

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The girls below wear cute color blocked sporty outfits.

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In Heirs, Kim Tan and Eun Sang wear fantastic matching tennis shoes to make a statement about their relationship.

Modern couple dressing is a little bit less structured and open to interpretation.

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Cute couple dressing is all about being practical, right down to his and her sensible shoes.

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It's not only Asians that like to coordinate their outfits during and away from work. Let's take a look at twosomes in other places.

In western countries twins tend to dress alike, especially as children. In the case of American celebrities Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, even as adults they sometimes dress in coordinated looks.

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These friends wear natural hairstyles and tops with floral patterns.

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It appears One Direction star Louis Tomlinson and girlfriend Eleanor Calder are coordinated but in an understated way.

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Elsewhere, couple-coordinated dressing also continues to be popular.

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Here's a couple who want their pet in the picture.

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In the States "couple dressing" is not really popular overall, with a few exceptions. One exception is for special occasions like an engagement photo shoot.

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The final example features one of the classic forms of couple dressing, perhaps on a global scale: matching sport jerseys.

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