Nobody was happy when we found out Strong Heart was we're thrilled to hear it's coming back, with some new and exciting changes! Maybe the biggest change to the talk show favorite is its MC lineup; Strong Heart 2, also called Strong Heart—Those Who Govern Their Hearts, will be led by Shin Dong Yeop, Yoon Jong Shin, and Kim Hee Sun. While it isn't the first rodeo for Shin Dong Yeop or Yoon Jong Shin, this will be Kim Hee Sun's first time MCing a variety show. It's reported that SBS considered her for a long time, and it wasn't until they saw her guest appearance on Healing Camp that they got a real sense of her humor and spontaneity.

Strong Heart 2 will also feature a smaller number of guests, concentrating on five or six guest appearances per episode as opposed to the larger group featured in the original Strong Heart. The conversations will center around the guests' everyday lives, though in the new show it's said that instead of delving into unique celebrity experiences, the MCs will try to keep the topics to relatable events and shared experiences.

It sounds like the show is on track to provide the banter-filled entertainment that we came to love in the original Strong Heart—we're excited to see it!

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