The ending of episode 2 made me so jealous! Bong Soon, caught in a “what’s a girl to do” plight with hot neighborhood oppa, Gook Doo, and eccentric but equally adorable new boss Min Hyuk. Oh to be young again and in the middle of hotties! Despite that, there is a lot actually happening with these first 2 episodes. Join Amy, Firnlambe, and I as we discuss our initial excitement and impressions of the first episodes.

Firnlambe: Who else is super excited to be watching this show? //jumps up and down in super excited motions// ME ME ME!! This is just what my drama viewing needed at the moment.

Amy: Same! The trailers got me super excited to see a strong heroine in a drama! Also, the cast is filled with all of actors I love. Happy to see Hyung Sik get a lead role this time around as Ahn Min Hyuk.

E-Kun: Instagram was littered with previews for a few months so, and I knew I had to see it! Not only do we have a strong heroine to start, the lead, Hyung Sik who plays Ahn Min Hyuk, is undoubtedly smitten with Bong Soon! He is not normal in my opinion, but I love it!


Firnlambe: He was smitten with her back from when he didn’t even know it was her who saved his runaway bus lol. I can’t wait for him to start piecing that bit of history together. I was talking with a friend while we simultaneously watched the show from across the States, and we both agree that Hyung Sik was made for this role. His comedic timings were perfect and I couldn’t stop geeking out when he was on the screen - particularly when he arm wrestles with Bong Soon. I died laughing to death during that scene.

Amy: I think my favorite line so far that proves how smitten he is for Bong Soon, was the scene at the police station where he calls her ‘sexy.’ His secretary’s reaction was hilarious. Hyung Sik definitely plays his character well, balancing the arrogant personality with his childish side. I also can’t wait to see when he starts to realize that Bong Soon was the girl who saved the bus years ago.


E-Kun: A shame that Bong Soon is not feeling him because of the Neighborhood Oppa, Gook Doo, played by my BOO Ji Soo! The stars in her eyes at the mention of his name is hilarious - but I totally understand girl. He has qualities of a rude boy, but he is also an upstanding cop trying to make everyone live by the letter of the law. His inflexibility is sexy and annoying at the same time, yes?


Firnlambe: I actually really like it when the love triangle consists of this type of set up. When the girl likes our second lead but the second lead is either in denial or (in this case) oblivious, and when our main man is pinning after our lady (either conscious or subconsciously). I enjoy it a heck of a lot more than when we have a main couple that are into each other right off the bat. That being said, I’m looking forward to seeing how Gook Doo’s character progresses. He’s so work oriented right now, that Bong Soon staying at Min Hyuk’s house is sure to cause him confusion as to why he is so concerned over her.

Amy: These love triangles are definitely my favorite as well! I love how oblivious Gook Doo is to not only Bong Soon’s huge crush on him, but also how unaware he is of Bong Soon’s superhuman strength. I think at this point, the character Min Hyuk is still unaware of his liking towards Bong Soon - that or he’s just arrogant and doesn’t show much affection. I’m excited to see what happens between the three of them. But what’s really creeping me out is the serial murderer or I guess kidnappers who is out on the loose. Seeing him with the mask and dressing up the poor girl gave me the chills.


E-Kun: Guess I am the odd girl out - I am not into love triangles, but in this case if we had to have one, this scenario seems the most natural. I think Min Hyuk knows he likes Bong Soon - he is always struggling to be in her world in whatever capacity - I think it is adorable. I am not completely sold that Gook Soo doesn’t know about Bong Soon’s strength - they have known each other a long time and he is too keen to not notice at all… maybe it is just me. I am all ?? in the eyes with this serial something or other. From Min Hyuk’s perspective, he is not out to murder these women, and I agree. But I also love that aspect of Min Hyuk’s character - he is very observant in an unnatural way. And what is up with his hate for cops? I mean, I get it, but I would like to know the root of his distrust in them.


Firnlambe: I feel like Min Hyuk’s character is going to have a lot of side history with it. Particularly with that mistrust for Police. Something I feel is because his father has received a lot of “help” from the commissioner in the past, or at least it seemed that way while he was trying to get Bong Soon’s personal information. Eventually, that mistrust will be lessened the more he interacts with non-corrupt police, aka Gook Doo. The trailers showed that they would have a lot of bromance moments, so I’m looking forward to them working together to nab the kidnapper. Speaking of which, who else has an inkling that the kidnapper is the same as the hacker who is threatening Min Hyuk?

E-Kun: Seems awfully convenient, but not out of the realm of possibility. I personally think this blackmailer is using the events that have happened to make it seem like he is doing something, but they are actually not related. If for some reason they were connected, I wouldn’t be totally surprised, just disappointed with a predictable plot.

Amy: I feel like they are completely separate. The kidnapper seems to be very involved with his plan, so I doubt that he would be blackmailing Min Hyuk on the side. I’m also getting the feeling that the kidnapper was some kind of medical professional in the past - he knew how much of whatever drug he was giving to the girl not to kill her and where to put it in the first place. Also, Bong Soon’s brother said that the girl needed treatment, so I think that the kidnapper would know how to keep her alive. I also think that there is some history between the police and Min Hyuk. When Bong Soon asked what he wanted to do when he was younger, he said he wanted to be a criminal. I think the crew have been dropping subtle hints here and there about his past.

Firnlambe: The mystery for this show is really blended well with all the comedy. I hope Boon Soon has some more chances to show her power in the face of good. Because I don’t know about you two, but when she took on that gang at the construction site by herself, I couldn’t stop laughing. And then the icing on the cake was when they cowered in fear while at the police station. Everything was done so well that I’m looking forward to seeing how the writers keep her strength a forefront to the story.

E-Kun: Exactly. Her doing the smallest thing seems to cause great distress. Those dudes were horrible people, and she was trying to help. But her mother on the other hand, used her strength for personal gain and lost her gift. She has ingrained in Bong Soon any type of use will result in bad result, which I find odd and crippling. I felt kind of bad when we see how she is treated, but I can totally understand feeling a little lost as she seems to be. Hopefully, hanging with the boys and working on this case will give her a little more purpose and a bit more inner strength to do what she wants to do… whatever that is.


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