Park Hyung Sik is looking for a new home after parting ways with ZE:A. 

Last month, the Strong Woman Do Bong Soon actor's boy group separated following seven glorious years together. The 25 year-old star has been searching high and low for the agency that will help him expand his already successful acting career. He may have found the place in the famous United Artists Agency (UAA). News outlet Osen recently reported that the former Star Empire talent is seriously considering a contract with Song Hye Gyo and Yoo Ah In's company.

A representative from UAA had this to say about the possibility of Park Hyung Sik joining the family, 

 "It's true that we had a meeting with Hyung Sik. However, we haven't officially signed a contract yet."

I'm surprised YG Entertainment is not first on his list with so many top stars like Choi Ji Woo, Lee Jong Suk and Kim Sae Ron signing exclusive contracts with them these days. His role as the lovable Ainsoft boss in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is probably helping his acting status tremendously. The romantic comedy is doing very well in the ratings department and it's only two weeks in! Although, I'm not sure if viewers are shipping him more with the lovely Bong Soon or the sexy In Gook Doo.

Do you want him to join UAA? Also, who are shipping him with in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon?  

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