Oh, Snap Crackle and K-Pop! These last 2 episodes have me on the emotional rollercoaster. I think my tummy is finally settling after all the loop de loops. Apologies for the late posting, there have been some technical issues. So join Amy, Firnlambe, and I as we slowly put our lives after the shock of these last 2 episodes.

Firnlambe: FINALLY!! Significant progress has been made. I’m so glad Bong Soon decided to side with Min Hyuk and tell Gook Du that she’d rather stay friends with him.

Amy: THE ROMANTIC CLICHES ARE TOO MUCH FOR ME. I’m sure we all expected Bong Soon to choose Min Hyuk, but my heart still hurts for Gook Du. But, I’m loving all the cute couple stuff that’s been going on these last two episodes. The scene at the beach was especially lovely.

E-Kun: So we all know that I love Gook Du and Min Hyuk equally, but I am satisfied with the way things turned out. Min Hyuk is it - that is all there is to it. But my heart bleeds for Gook Du. This just goes to show how time is an enemy just as much as an ally.

Firnlambe: I agree that my heart twinged a bit in sympathy for Gook Du, but it really was his own fault for not making moves sooner. And good Lord the puppy couple . . . adorable is an understatement when it comes to them. I really love their interactions here at the beginning of their relationship. Particularly since I know it’s not going to last very long. Now that the idiot friend has been captured (Seriously, Bong Soon told her the culprit wasn’t caught yet--why was she walking ALONE at NIGHT //sigh//) … where was I--oh! Since the friend has been caught, the lovey-dovey moments are going to come to a screeching halt. So I’m glad they kicked the romantic notions into overdrive right away.

Amy: The scene that got to me the most was when Bong Soon and Min Hyuk were sending each other video clips. Min Hyuk’s reaction to Bong Soon’s good night message had me c r y i n g.

Amy: He’s basically us watching them be adorable. The serial kidnapper though… It’s scary how creepy he is. I honestly thought he was going after Hee Ji, so I was surprised that he went after Kyung Shim. I thought Kyung Shim would have been in the clear, especially since she was supposed to have gone to Busan, but I guess there’s a reason why the serial kidnapper has been able to get so far-- he’s (unfortunately) too obsessed and committed to his work.

E-Kun: I personally would like to assassinate Min Hyuk for being so adorable and causing my heart to fall out my tail, but different strokes and all.

E-Kun: With bestie being taken - I am mad at her but mostly the cops. This man came after her a second time while you all were guarding her; why did the around the clock surveillance cease?! As soon as they said Hee Ji was in another neighborhood, I knew he was using her as a decoy - I need them to catch his tail!

Firnlambe: I was so hoping Bong Soon was going to charge in a take the creep out when she went visiting the junkyard. It’s not like she would lose her power if she went after him, clearly, he is not an innocent. Though I do understand why they had her wait. It’s going to much more impactful when she charges in with Min Hyuk instead of Gook Du because the creepo won’t be expecting it. Side note--I’m annoyed with the Thuglets.

Firnlambe: Anyone else annoyed with the Thuglets? I was really hoping they would take into consideration that Bong Soon will have a heyday with them once she figures out what they’ve done--but alas---that was not meant to be. Though I did chuckle when they stormed the hospital.

Amy: I’m honestly super worried about Bong Soon. Knowing the kidnapper, I assume he would plan something so that Bong Soon would accidentally hurt someone innocent, cause I’m sure he knows he probably isn’t considered an innocent person either. The previews really worried me since it showed some scenes with fire and Bong Soon being trapped? I’m also not exactly feeling 100% with Min Hyuk. Bong Soon did text “Kyung Shim” about him, so I’m actually worried the serial kidnapper might go after him as well. Those concerns are more for next week though. The scenes with the Thuglets and the gang members were hilarious, especially the scene where they were getting splashed water on.

E-Kun: I knew she would run to Min Hyuk, but what has me alarmed is his nightmare. Most times dreams mean nothing, but in a show, it is meant for something.

E-Kun: The thuglets need to get their lives together! How you beating up someone who is already injured! My favorite side character is cartilage/team leader… He has me in tears all day every day!

Firnlambe: Good Lord the monk. So cheesy.

Firnlambe: I find the Thug crew fretting over their boss’ new “change of heart” to be hysterical...but I think my favorite thing (aside from our OTP) is our obsessive team lead and his devastation that Min Hyuk likes girls. Dear Lord all the misunderstandings between him and Secretary Gong were hysterical and then his general progression into madness due to Bong Soon’s strength--it cracks me up every time.

Amy: The team leader gives me so many laughs every time he appears onscreen. I love how Bong Soon scared him into thinking she is an alien.

Amy: His relationship with Secretary Gong cracks me up, especially whenever they have those unintentional moments in front of other workers. I still want the behind-the-scenes videos for those parts. Even though these episodes have been a lot to take in, going from super creepy to extremely hilarious, the writers and producers have been doing a good job making the episodes flow pretty well!

E-Kun: I hate to discuss next week now, but I hope the maintains the hilarity creepy ratio as they have been doing thus far!

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