Greetings readers. Real life really does get the best of us sometimes, but fear not! We have a massive post to cover the end of one of 2017’s top contenders as the “viewer’s favorite”. Does our fearless Puppy Couple have smooth sailings? Or is there doom on their horizons? Join Amy, E-Kun and Firnlambe as they play catch-up and pack as much punch as possible into this final post for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

Amy: Starting off with episodes 13 and 14, I’m still surprised that the kidnapper went after Kyung Shim. I thought Hee Ji was a goner. Though Bong Soon and Kyung Shim are friends, I feel like she shouldn’t have done everything by herself, despite her strength. It’s always nice to have some backup, especially when people are in danger.

Firnlambe: Agreed. I was totally expecting Hee Ji to take one for the team. That being said. Can I just say how mad I am at Kyung Shim? Like seriously….you KNOW the kidnapper is still at large and you still decide to prance around town like there are no cares in the world to bother you? … really? The only thing she has going for her is that she knows Bong Soon is going to put up an intense fight to save her sorry butt.

E-Kun: I honestly was mad at the cops! You know serial kidnapper is still at large and he is prone to cook up plans to distract you - why wasn’t Kyung Shim still under surveillance? That just seem like a lesson from deductive reasoning and cop 101. After they revealed bestie was leaving town late at night, I knew he was going to get her. He was revenge driven at that point.

Amy: I’m wondering if she was walking around in her hometown Busan or in Seoul though? I agree that she shouldn’t have been wandering alone at night, but if she was in Busan, she might have thought she was safe? But at the same time, we shouldn’t blame her too much for wandering at night, since it’s not her fault there’s a crazy kidnapper on the loose. Plus, part of the reason that the kidnapper was after her a second time seemed to have more to do with the fact that she’s Bong Soon’s friend rather than the kidnapper being out for revenge.

Firnlambe: I really love though that Bong Soon picked up on the background noises in the kidnapper’s video message. Like seriously this girl may be dense in love but she’s quick in many other departments. Granted that usually gets her in trouble lol. I think that besides Kyung Shim’s lack of self preservation, I really got fed up with the Gangsters in 13-15 (they were a riot in 16 but we can talk about that later). The whole part with the monk got old really quick for me. I would have preferred more time with the Puppy Couple.

Amy: It was pretty cool to see Bong Soon doing the detective work! I think I was too eager to see what was going to happen next with Bong Soon, so I was also not too big on all the scenes with the gangsters and the monk. I feel like there were also some loose ends with that plot arc since they introduced how the gang leader was the poet, but the writers never really came back to finish that storyline up. Going back a little to the kidnapper, I’m still surprised that he survived the bullet wound and the fall off the cliff. It was kind of necessary for the plot, but he really cannot give up.

E-Kun: I knew he would survive that shot. At best, Gook Du was striving for a flesh wound. And since they never retrieved a body, it was safe to assume he was still at large. Seriously, the cops seem to never be on that j-o-b! This is not hard stuff to follow up with. Why does Bong Soon have to do all your work? The gangster’s arc did get a bit “WTFish”, and it made me upset because we should have been spending more time with Bong Ki, Hee Ji, or anyone else that could have been a good filler between the “heart falling out of my tail” moments with Min Hyuk. So depressed I did not get a bromance out of him and Gook Du… sigh.

Firnlambe: TIRES!! SHOOT THE DAMN TIRES!!! NOT THE DRIVER //deep breath// Ok that’s out of my system now. I agree with you both regarding Kim Jang Hyun, but before we go further down that plot hole, we need to discuss my second biggest pet peeve behind no actual communication between the characters…...the Noble Sacrifice. I mean granted it was only for a short spell, but it happened anyway and that bugged me. And to top it off half of their conversation was via mental communication...I mean what was that? //sigh// Obviously they worked better as a team, so why couldn’t they see that?

Amy: It is a k-drama, so the Noble Sacrifice was a necessity haha! But aside from that, I definitely think it was important to the development of their relationship as well; it showed both of them that they did need each other by each other’s side in the end. Also, throughout the whole drama, we see that Bong Soon has mixed feelings about her powers (up until the last few episodes when she finally accepts her gift) and thus also feels that she isn’t really ‘normal.’ I think it’s understandable that she doesn’t want to put anyone in danger because of her powers, especially Min Hyuk since she cared so deeply about him.

E-Kun: The piece that pissed me off was that she lost her powers in the first place. She didn’t purposefully set out to harm anyone, so I thought that catalyst in the storyline was silly. It just gave the creepy ass criminal the tools to set her up to fall. If Gook Du would have shot the tires, he could not predict which way the car would go - possibly harming anyone else on the scene (F: Fine I suppose that is an acceptable excuse). I think Bong Soon would have said that to anybody outside the door, but it “means more” to us that it was Min Min. I loved seeing how ride or die he was. It was more for himself than anything else.

Firnlambe: Right?! I totally thought it was if she willing hurt an innocent, stupid loop-hole causing it to be if any innocent is hurt for any reason. It was also nice to see Min Hyuk have a small moment to show off his fighting abilities. I could nit-pick that scene all day though (I’m looking at you Gook Du not shooting the kidnapper before he got in the car and instead shot the air). It had to happen to make the scenes in 15 and 16 more impactful, and understand that--even if I dislike it lol. Speaking of 15 and 16. Puppy Couple in full on love mode is probably my favorite thing to come out of a 2017 drama yet. //clutches heart// so fluffy and sweet!! It makes me happy just thinking about those scenes.

Amy: I agree too! Thought it was unfortunate to see Bong Soon lose her powers, the event was important for the storyline to develop-- to show that Min Hyuk truly cared for Bong Soon and still wanted to protect her with or without her powers. I also loved episode 15 and 16 for the couple moments. It was especially cute when Secretary Gong told Min Hyuk that Gook Du and Bong Soon hugged, but Min Hyuk forgave Bong Soon before she even knew he was jealous just because she was acting cute.

E-Kun: And it is moments like that I can’t live in a K-Drama world. Though I thought it was totally adorable, I can’t have my boo getting mad over a hug to a friend I’ve known for years. Secretary Gong-nim? Snitches get stitches! But I love Team Leader screaming at everything! He gave me life with his antics, gum chewing, and accessories!

Firnlambe: Truth!! Like the adorable factor was amped up to the max on all characters and clearly I was ok with it. Because Hyung Sik performing Aegyo (even for a role) gives me life. Like seriously--I fell into a rewatch black hole of Heirs because I was “just going to watch his scenes” and then got sucked into the drama for really reals //sigh// that was a bad decision. I really, REALLY want to see Hyung Sik in more lead roles after this show. He was made for diverse characters like Min Hyuk. He does everything to the best of his abilities. He jokes, gets angry, pouts and then loves with such conviction that you can't help but love him back. His whole scene on the rooftop (when he refused to leave Bong Soon) just caused my heart to break.

Amy: I especially loved his character’s interactions with Bong Soon’s parents. I was cackling when he agree with Bong Soon’s mom to check the two’s marital compatibility and how he encouraged her to find someone who said they were compatible in case the first person said otherwise. I definitely do think he’ll be getting more roles in the future though since this drama did so well. It was great to see him be a little more serious too during the rooftop scene. I was a sobbing mess seeing Bong Soon cry and scream like she did (props to Park Bo-Young for acting out the scene so well), and seeing Min Hyuk tell Bong Soon that he’ll never leave her side.

E-Kun: Girl! You rewatched Heirs?!! I don’t know if I should give you an award or call a doctor. Don’t get me wrong, I did not hate it like others, but to watch it all over again… for only the strong of heart (though Ha Neul and Woo Bin were everything to me)! On a serious note, I have to mention it… Gook Du tears in the car! I literally hated the show for 0.5 seconds for that (and the lack of a bromance with those 2). I loved the whole scene with him and Bong Soon talking about being friends, but being put in the “friend basket” is like kryptonite for dudes. Not only that, when he confronted Bong Ki, it made it all the more clearer why they did not end up together. While it is ultimately his fault, and he knows it, I couldn’t help but sing Mariah Carey’s Breakdown in the rolling soundtrack in my head.

Firnlambe: Yeeeeah I maaay have “power watched” 7 episodes in under 4 hours … totally went to bed when the sun came up. It was a mistake lol. I will admit though that watching Good Du break down in tears over his missed opportunities tugged at my heartstrings. I’ve never rooted for him (Huzzah a drama with no SLS--second lead syndrome) but I could definitely feel sympathetic towards him. I’m glad he didn’t let it interfere with his judgement though when it came to finding Kim Jang Hyun and helping Bong Soon destroy him. Seriously I loved everything about that whole process. Ok not everything it was a little sketch how Min Hyuk lost him on the drone, but that was a minor factor. When they finally got him where they wanted him I was super excited to hear Bong Soon’s theme song.

Amy: I loved the scene where they finally capture Kim Jang Hyun, especially when Bong Soon did her signature nut-cracking intro. It was fun the two guys team up to help Bong Soon have her moment, and I personally loved how Bong Soon trapped him in a crate and finished it off with the line about how it would feel for him to be locked up without freedom for the rest of his life. The actor did a great job playing the kidnapper role though; I probably would still be scared of him in his future dramas because he did so well.

E-Kun: And I learned that people are executed in K-Dramas! Usually, they go crazy until they can’t function, but when they sentenced him to death, I was like, “Whoa!”. The gang up was perfect. They needed all 3 facets to make it work. He really was scary, but the vampire from Vampire Prosecutor will always be that scary dude I never want to meet.

Firnlambe: Ok we’ve held off talking about it long enough…..this drama had the ending to top all endings!!! I loved it more than Goblin’s ending. There was closure (YAY a Wedding!!), but we were also given a glimpse at their lives after they finally are together. I thought it was absolutely hysterical that mom prayed that they have a boy. She totally jinxed them and I couldn’t have laughed harder.

Screenshot (267).png

Amy: THE TWIN GIRLS!!! I loved the edits throughout the whole series, but that smiling buddha at the end was the best. I love how the writers and producers made it so that Min Hyuk called in the gang members to babysit, and how the twins gave every one black eyes. It was also cute how they didn’t show Bong Soon with the kids, but instead Min Hyuk struggling to take care of them. And to finish it all off, I love how the drama ended with Bong Soon jumping off a skyscraper, landing in a signature superhero pose.

E-Kun: Wait a minute Firnlambe - better than Goblin?! Let’s not talk crazy talk. Lol Though, I did love the ending. The one thing that was consistent in this show was the nonsensical nature that balanced well with serious topics. Relationships on many levels, a serial bluebeard kidnapper, heartbreak, acceptance, etc. It did it all in a classy way that was fun and suspended reality enough for so many to enjoy. If we rated the show, it would totally get 5 stars from me!

Firnlambe: I know … I know! I gushed and gushed about Goblin...I love it too, but the ending did not give me nearly the same closure that Strong Woman did. I rate this show a (can I give more than 5? ... I’m gonna do so anyways) 7/5 stars. I was everything I had hoped it would be. It had excitement, it had sexual tension (looking at you, final kiss scene on the piano), it had a steady romantic plot, it was funny (basically every Min Hyuk scene ever) and it gave me closure at the end--thus causing me to have serious post drama depression. Oh hell I’ll give it 10/5 stars….don't judge me!!

Amy: I loved the Goblin ending too, though I wouldn’t know which is better. I definitely agree that the ending for Strong Woman Do Bong Soon tied everything back together and even went into the future a bit! As a whole, this drama was well-put together and included all the k-drama stereotypes without over doing them or making it too much to handle. It had scenes that made me laugh and cry, so this will definitely stay one of my favorites!

Well there you have it folks. The Villain has been vanquished, Bong Soon gets to marry Prince Min Min and they have two adorable yet super strong twin girls to boot. Obviously we here in the Drama Club loved it, but was this drama everything you hoped it would be? Did it exceed your expectations or did it fall short? We’ll post bloopers and a final behind the scenes with all our favorite cast’s final goodbyes, so be sure to let us know how you thought of the show over all in the comment section below. Amy and E-Kun bid you a fond farewell as they don’t have a new drama club at this time. Firnlambe though will be working on My Secret Romance so be sure to drop by that club if you start following the show. Happy viewings in your next drama adventure!


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