The plot has developed a lot in this week’s two episodes. With Min Hyuk starting to acknowledge his liking towards Bong Soon and the serial kidnapper continuing on with his creepy plans, Bong Soon is going to have a lot on her plate to handle. Not only is physical strength a necessity as the heroine of this series, but now Bong Soon also has to deal with the upcoming emotional stresses. Join E-Kun, Firnlambe, and me as we continue to discuss the stories of one of our new favorite heroines.

E-Kun: So much happened in these last 2 episodes! Could Min Hyuk be more adorable? Could Guk Doo be too Chauvinistic? Could Bong Soon be a gang leader? Is the serial kidnapper taking only women who are engaged? Which brother has it out for Min Hyuk? All the questions that popped up as I watched this week.

Firnlambe: Min Hyuk …. Oh Min Hyuk …. I adore him, and I really can’t wait until he really starts vying for Bong Soon’s affections. I personally didn’t notice that the kidnapper is only taking women who are engaged, but that really makes sense if he is.

Amy: Min Hyuk is really getting to me. It’s hilarious how he pretends to be gay, especially for Guk Doo, just to get on Bong Soon’s nerve. On the other hand, the scenes with the kidnapper is getting more and more creepy.

E-Kun: It is just a theory - we don’t know if the last girl was, so it would be a shame if it blows up in my face next week. But he is all “Kiss the Girls” with hiding them in a basement and dressing them up like brides. It is so creepy. I do think we established how the person threatening Min Hyuk is a separate matter. It would not surprise me if it was the brother he seems to trust the most - or more like the brother he has no qualms in asking for help.

Firnlambe: Yeah, Min Hyuk’s problem is totally a separate issue. I had the same thought that the “trustworthy” brother is not really to be trusted. With how much animosity is within that family, I really can’t see that the eldest, he was the eldest right?. Would be supportive of a brother who was born from a mistress. I will say this though. That was an A+ use of Mariah Carey. Oh Em Ge I had to pause the video because I was laughing so much.

Amy: I don’t think the eldest brother is worth being trusted either. If anything, I think that brother is the one behind all the death threats and attacks. He seems the one who would be most likely to do such things despite his more supportive and friendly demeanor.

E-Kun: Mariah? You mean Whitney Houston right? (F: lol yes sorry) When Min Hyuk got shot and Bong Soon carried him? That was the best! This show has a way of tying seriousness and hilariousness together quite nicely. What about them at the club? So funny how Bong Soon’s bestie is all, “Girl, I don’t think he is gay” after seeing how Min Hyuk was twitterpated over Bong Soon dancing on a pole. But Min Hyuk acting like he likes Guk Doo is the BEST!

Firnlambe: I seriously don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully dictate how much I love these characters, but damn if Min Hyuk running his finger across Guk Doo’s chest didn’t send me into fangirl squeals. I just love how he’s fully playing up the “attraction towards Guk Doo” to get a reaction out of Bong Soon. Though there is one thing I had hoped to see more of this week, I had really hoped that Bong Soon and the kidnapper had crossed paths sooner than they did.

E-Kun: That would have been nice. We could have avoided the abuse of the poor man’s who scooter was stolen! Though, those were some funny moments too. But at the same time, I thought it was a good setup for next week. Since she said she had a feeling that it would be soon that she would be able to use her powers, I like that we are given a little more time to delve into her issues with her powers. This whole pretending to be meek and innocent on the account of Guk Doo, her crying at superhero films, her inability to lead a normal life, her mother’s threats of using them - all very necessary for us to see her in a different capacity. But I will also say this - I am not a fan of how she is always trying to be Mad at Guk Doo for her feelings, that is stupid and annoying.

Firnlambe: Agreed. He hasn’t really given her any real reason to think there is any chance of them being together, but at the same time I can see how she would be frustrated from interpreting the signals he has given her in the past. I can’t wait for her to really own who she is and become confident in herself. I see that personality shine through when she’s interacting with the school kids and I want more of it, so next week can’t come soon enough for me. Plus I really want the gangster boss to see her in her element and be in awe.

Amy: It is definitely annoying to see her overreact about how Guk Doo treats her, but I don’t think it’s wrong either. She has had a crush on him for forever and his friendliness and tendency to be overprotective does also seem a bit much considering the lack of time he spends with his actual girlfriend. I’m looking forward to when Bong Soon starts becoming more emotionally strong in addition to already being physically strong.

E-Kun: That’s right! The dudes she beat up boss is following her! What is that about? He looks like he knows Min Hyuk. They are hilarious as well - who doesn’t know how to eat pie?!

Firnlambe: Someone who apparently doesn’t leave his mob home? Who knows. He seems like a special snowflake though so I doubt he does much of anything in a “normal” setting. I know I mentioned that Guk Doo hasn’t given Bong Soon any reason for her to read into his actions, but can we talk about how much of a scummy woman he’s dating? Because….not gonna lie…..I want her to be taken next. I KNOW, I know, I’m horrible--but damn it all you don’t flirt with your boyfriend’s close friend while he’s just outside the room. That’s extremely bad form.

E-Kun: OH NO GIRL! Hahaha! While it is tactless, classless, and a mess, I was fine with it until she invited Bong Ki to lunch without Guk Doo or not letting him know. I know why she likes Bong Ki, he is gentle, attentive, a doctor, and most importantly, he tries to give a little time while Guk Doo is always working. I think a lot of couples go from being together all the time and then it reduces significantly - most times, there is one who is not happy with it. I would greatly appreciate it if she would break up with Guk Doo (so I could scoop him up) before trying to be a cheating hussie. Hussie is never a good look.

Firnlambe: Truth. The fact that she flat out lied to him about where she was, was low. I hope they break up soon. It will be a good catalyst for kicking Min Hyuk into gear for wooing Bong Soon.

Amy: That girl definitely got on my nerves. Though Guk Doo isn’t the most affectionate boyfriend, he doesn’t deserve to be cheated on with his friend. I’m also a bit angry with Bong Soon’s brother-- he seems to be interested in her as well. I feel really sorry towards Guk Doo since he is a nice guy.

E-Kun: I mean, did she really lie? She could of had lunch and then got on the road to get outside of Seoul for a concert. Still not a good look, though. And I didn’t like Bong Soon assuming the worst about her, either. While she may be shady, she has not given evidence to convince otherwise. Bong Soon is just salty because she dating the guy she has been loving forever. And I would too if I saw him playing the piano like that. I wonder if that is why he is with his girlfriend...

Firnlambe: I don't hold Bong Soon's brother accountable. He may find her attractive, but it seemed to me that he knew his limits. I fully hold the girlfriend responsible since she for sure lied. I’m fairly certain she told Guk Doo that she was performing at a concert. I won’t deny that Bong Soon is being salty lol she really can’t keep those emotions in check. It’s why she needs to start showing interest in Min Hyuk. Their ship needs to sail asap. It’s the only way she’ll get over Guk Doo.

E-Kun: One way to get over one love is to start another … so the saying goes. 

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