Greetings dear Bodyguards. The mysteries of our resident kidnapper and stalker seem to be running along at full speed, but this week's Bromance is strong and fully devoted to keeping us laughing through these stressful times. Danger is ever present, but it seems that Bong Soon has some competition she needs to look out for first. Join E-Kun, Amy, and Firnlambe as they discuss their favorite moments from week 3 of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

Firnlambe: Ok all. I’m just gonna say I died multiple deaths over these two episodes from Hyung Sik and Ji Soo’s bromance. I seriously adore the relationship they’ve developed over their growing affection for Bong Soon. I don’t know how much more of them I can take, and still retain my sanity.

E-Kun: A good bromance is always hard to find. Though, the only relationship that is tempting to drive me bonkers is Gook Doo and Bong Soon’s. My multiple life ruining moments all dealt with our straight-laced, apple-bottom, borderline chauvinistic Gook Doo. Is it possible he already knows how he feels when it comes to Bong Soon? I think Min Hyuk picked up on that as well.

Amy: The bromance has been hilarious to watch, but I’m definitely more curious about where the love triangle is going. I think Gook Doo is only starting to realize that he has feelings for Bong Soon, in part because his girlfriend admitted to falling for someone else (I appreciate that she came clean and told Gook Doo). I’m not exactly shipping Gook Doo and Bong Soon though, since Gook Doo doesn’t know the real Bong Soon, and still thinks of her as a “fragile woman.”

Firnlambe: Exactly. I’ve had that feeling now for a few episodes, since the flashbacks to their school days. I had gotten the whole “I'm gonna pick on you and make suspicious looks in your direction because I like you” vibe. So it doesn’t surprise me that Min Hyuk picked up on his buried feelings, and is subconsciously jealous about it. Now as much as I loved the bromance, I think my favorite part of this week was the fact that Bong Soon was able to be herself and utilize her strength more than she normally does. When she was able to save her friend, I was extremely happy she was able to inflict damage on the kidnapper.

E-Kun: Yes! Like she mentioned last week, her time is surely coming. This serial kidnapper is too much. Rather than targeting engaged women, he is targeting skinny women. I am glad Bong Soon was able to save her friend as well, but now I am scared what this means for Bong Soon. She is strong, but I do not think she is immortal. If this kidnapper decides that she needs to die, what is to stop him? Clearly he has no moral fiber abducting someone on their way to church. These are women he knows!

Amy: I’m happy that Bong Soon is finally starting to realize that her powers could be used for the public good, but I am also worried about the danger that she will be in once she starts getting directly involved. I’m getting the feeling that the kidnapper is going to start going after Bong Soon since not only did she hurt him last time he tried to kidnap her friend, but also because he probably will see he as a threat to his plans.

Firnlambe: Yeah, his profile for choosing his targets is concerning to say the least. Regarding Bong Soon’s safety though, I think Min Hyuk is going to try and teach her some self defense. I can’t see him as the type to just let her fend for herself, even if she is more than capable of holding her own. And self defense lessons equals close interaction. So I’m really hoping that their ship is close to leaving the relationship dock.

E-Kun: Sigh. I love Min Hyuk. He gets Bong Soon, he takes down shady videos of her, he helps her with her lack of English word… what more can a girl ask for? but I equally love Gook Doo and his “Neighborhood Oppa” ways. It is evident that Bong Soon should be with Min Hyuk, but I like the dynamics they all share right now. Unlike mom, who was PISSED Gook Dok ruined Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s “first night”. She literally packed the most sketch underwear for her daughter… absolutely no granny panties to be found! Hahaha!

Firnlambe: Right?! And then all manner of superstitious items on top of it, from the wood ducks, to a special blanket with a talisman woven in. Mom sure does have her sights set on Min Hyuk as her son-in-law. I really enjoyed how Bong Soon was forced to utilize her strength to bring her idiots home, only to act super frail and weak in front of Gook Doo...but as much as that brings me amusement, I’m ready for it to be over. Gook Doo deserves to see the real Bong Soon. If he can’t like her at her strongest I’ll be disappointed.

Amy: Though the mom can be a bit much at times, all her antics sure are enjoyable to watch. I’m also excited to see what happens when Gook Doo finds out about Bong Soon’s real strength. I’m hoping that he’ll like her the same, but based on his overprotective personality, I’m a bit worried that he might not like that aspect of her.

E-Kun: But I think that he would like her just the same. They both are under some misconception I think they both play a hand in. O! Oh! O! Hee Ji, finally tells Gook Doo she likes someone else! Two thoughts occurred with that whole scene: why does Gook Doo seem totally ok and did Hee Ji know he wasn’t that into her from the start? Do you still want her to get taken, Firnlambe?

Firnlambe: //urrrrrrrrrrrrrrg// noooooooooooo (she says most begrudingly). I was glad she didn’t just lead both men along. So she can stay, but if she messes with Bong Soon’s younger brother I revoke all sympathetic thoughts.

E-Kun: She got all sorts of dibs when it comes to Bong Ki - and who could blame her? Moving back to the main couple, Min Hyuk mentions marriage and dating Bong Soon a lot these last 2 episodes. He was too excited talking about them getting married and having a daughter who would be strong like her. Then he mentions to his family they are shacking up, which Bong Soon’s mom seemed all too excited about, while Bong Soon acts outraged! I love it!

Firnlambe: Min Hyuk is adorable when he starts talking about a future with Bong Soon, but his family really is a piece of work. I’m just glad that their issues are really second fiddle to the rest of the story. Though we still haven’t figured out which brother is causing Min Hyuk trouble. Was anyone else excited to see Bong Soon’s grandmother? Because I am super excited to see what she contributes to the story. I’m sure it will be involved with the gangsters and thugs, so it’s bound to be entertaining.

Amy: I love how casual Min Hyuk was about getting married and having kids. His childish personality sure is fun to watch. As for the family, I’m thinking it is the older brother that Min Hyuk actually called to ask for help from. It’s usually the ones that seem loving and friendly on the outside that really hold many grudges, at least in the K-drama world. Definitely excited to see how granny is going to play a role!

E-Kun: I am excited. I found it interesting that mom and grandma seem to have a good relationship, which is not entirely the case with Bong Soon and her mother. I am glad granny rolled in ass kicking because those thugs are not helping, but causing a mess walking around being conspicuous and shady. Glad granny is here indeed.

Week after week we are loving this show to bits. The balance between serious and humor keeps us coming back for more. Do any of you have any ideas on which family member is behind Min Hyuk's woes? Will Gook Du finally learn the truth about Bong Soon? Just when will Bong Soon confront the kidnapper? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and we'll talk to you next week.

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