How can a show make you fall head over heels with it? Do everything the writer(s) of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is doing. Every episode, I fall harder and harder for our characters, story, and hijinks! Join Amy, Firnlambe, and I as we discuss the highs, lows, and “uh-ohs” of this past week’s episodes.

E-Kun: I have to start with this because it is undoubtedly the most outrageous thing that happened in two episodes of highly outrageous things… Blue-Beard Serial Kidnapper came back for bestie! What the hell was he thinking (besides the obvious)?!

Firnlambe: Well we had to have Bong Soon confront him again somehow lol.


Amy: A lot happened during this week’s episodes. The serial kidnapper is really starting to get on my nerves, especially when he came back for Bong Soon’s friend. I’m happy that the girls who have been taken so far are joining together now to try to escape, so hopefully their efforts, along with those of Bong Soon and the police force, will get them free soon.


E-Kun: While his actions are totally unjustifiable, I would like to know his overall motivation. Was it because you saw this creepy play, and now you have to have it? I was curious about it, so I googled the title. There is a movie made in the 1920’s (I think) that is about a blue-beard and 7 wives. No more information than that. Very curious indeed. Not to mention, I think it is multiple people helping him out!


Firnlambe: Oh he for sure has the help of the workers at the junkyard. No doubt in my mind about that. This man (do we even know his name) has put serious thought into his actions even though we don’t know his true motivation. So I’m curious what he ends up doing to tip everyone off.

Amy: I’m also wondering why the kidnapper is doing all of this. I doubt it’s just because he saw and was inspired by the play, though. I definitely think his employee knows what’s going on too, since he’s helping cover for him. I hope he gets caught before any more girls get taken, or maybe the four girls he has taken so far might escape since the writers were hinting at that by including the scene of the first girl talking with the second. What really got me freaking out in these last two episodes was the developing love triangle! Gook Doo finally realized his feelings for Bong Soon, but he’s definitely a little late now that Min Hyuk took that one step! What do you two think?

E-Kun: Let me first say, I love both Min Hyuk and Gook Doo equally. I think Bong Soon would be ‘happily ever after’ with either guy. With that being said, I am glad Bong Soon is changing even though she doesn’t want to or isn’t ready to acknowledge it. Gook Doo, while he got on my nerves a little bit in episode 7, acknowledging how he feels was a real moment for me.


I think parts of him knew before, but didn’t want to admit it (just like Bong Soon with Min Hyuk at the moment). But I think he also realizes that chapter for both of them, though never fully opened, is well in the realm of possibility of being closed.


Min Hyuk taking steps forward is so typical of him. I mean, he talked to her daddy like he was proposing! Sometimes, his adorableness makes me want to end him… take that however you see fit. *wink*

Firnlambe: I adore Min Hyuk. So, so much. I really appreciate that he is taking those step towards Bong Soon, but it pains me that he has let so many perfect opportunities to kiss her pass him by….even though I know why (it's clear she’s not ready for it yet). It’s also clear that Gook Du is on his way to attempting a confession, but I’m a bit worried on how he will react once he sees her take out the gang.

Amy: I definitely am a little biased since I’ve been rooting for Min Hyuk from the beginning. Even though Gook Doo finally is seeing the strength that Bong Soon has been hiding, I don’t see him as the type to be completely comfortable with it. I think it’s cute how Min Hyuk is scared yet amazed by Bong Soon’s strength whenever they ‘train’.


He and Bong Soon are definitely getting closer, and I think they fit with each other more. To me, the scenes where Bong Soon took Min Hyuk to the amusement park to help cheer him up showed that they really do enjoy each other’s company, even though Bong Soon still complains from time to time (and sometimes even asks for more pay).


E-Kun: Min Hyuk is the best/better choice, I agree. But I think some are not giving Gook Doo enough credit because Min Hyuk is SSSSOOO much to take in and he really does help Bong Soon in so many ways. Speaking of Min Hyuk, was I the only one who was crushed when he found out his favorite Hyung was the one trying to scare him? I mean, we all thought it was him, but deep down praying to the drama gods it wasn’t just to spare us all from the utter heartbreak we knew was coming.


Firnlambe: See those broken pieces scattered across the floor? I present to you my heart….it simply broke for Min Hyuk when it came to light which brother was the culprit. The only saving grace he had was that he never really wanted to hurt Min Hyuk, simply scare him. But Hyung Sik’s acting capability for crying is something that will forever make my heart hurt. He expresses his emotions exceptionally well.

Amy: I was really disappointed that it was his favorite brother that ended up being the one that betrayed him, but I wasn’t surprised. I expected him to be the one, so that helped soften the blow. I’m proud that Min Hyuk decided to be the bigger person and forgive his brother. Hopefully, the rest of the brothers don’t decide to do anything.

E-Kun: I wasn’t surprised by his choice to forgive his brother. Since he said he would have given it to him if he asked, what would be the point in seeking revenge or denying him? He really does love hard - I like that about him. Moving on to other sibling issues… Bong Ki and Bong Soon on the issue of Hee Ji. What did you all think about what Bong Soon said and how Bong Ki feels about Hee Ji?

Amy: I feel like Bong Soon was right to tell her brother that he shouldn’t date Hee Ji since it wouldn’t be correct to date her as Gook Doo’s friend, but at the same time, I feel like Bong Soon should want to support her brother if he really does like Hee Ji. I have mixed feelings on the issue, but it makes me feel better to know that Gook Doo also has someone in mind.


Firnlambe: I think once it comes to light that Gook Du and Hee Ji are officially no longer a couple, it will be fine for Bong Ki to make his move. Now that they both have no lingering affections towards each other, the mini ship can set sail with my blessings. It will make the main love triangle more exciting anyway one each of them are aware that Gook Du is single and ready to make moves. Granted if Mom has anything to say on the matter she’d prefer to force our OTP together--by magic if possible. All I can say is thank God Min Hyuk and Bong Soon didn’t lay down on that blanket together. Lol I much prefer their natural banter.

E-Kun: I agree Amy, I was mixed up too, but mostly upset that Bong Soon was trying to correct Hee Ji because she likes Gook Doo. I get you don’t want him to be hurt, but he told you she said she liked someone else and that he did not particularly care that she did. So, it was pointless to say anything to her about it when you already know stuff is not going well with those two. I wasn’t shocked that Bong Ki liked her, but my rule is if you date your close friend’s ex, it should result in marriage! I am old fashioned that way. That was a mess - the blanket mojo that is. They were even snuggling afterwards in the hospital! Lol. So now boss wants to take out Bong Soon 50 men to 1 girl? Pride goes before the fall…


Amy: I thought it was hilarious that the gang would go to that extent to take Bong Soon down, but it was also a little worrisome that they are that desperate. The voice phishing was definitely too much in my opinion, and they also shouldn’t have threatened her by using her mom. I’m a little worried that Bong Soon won’t be able to take down all the men by herself, but I’m predicting that either Min Hyuk or Gook Doo (or both) will show up just in time to help her out.

Firnlambe: I really appreciate that they brought in the actors from GAG Concert for their voice-phishing scheme, it was hysterical! And the fact “Daniel” was in full Steve Jobs mode had me rolling.


I actually think that Bong Soon will be just fine and will be so immersed in taking out the Thugs that she won’t even notice when Min Hyuk and Gook Du show up. It’s gonna be just as she’s taking out the last of the crew and it’s going to be glorious because then Gook Du will finally know the truth!! I can’t wait. Because if he can’t love her after this he’s not worth her affections. What I’m worried about is the High School gang, henceforth known as Thuglets (thank you RayneP1309232502 for the nickname), and having them upload a video of Bong Soon to YouTube. She’s finally able to control her power and I can see this becoming a huge issue if they follow through and upload the video.


E-Kun: Can I say how much I LOVE the Thuglets?! I am confident they will not betray her trust. She takes care of them and they respect her a lot. Even if they do, their intentions are coming from a good place. I am still unsure if Gook Doo doesn’t already know the truth… Bong Soon flung him pretty hard - you don’t question her strength even after that? I think he knows something is up. He is a cop and too many things have happened for him not to think otherwise unless he is purposefully burying his head in the sand.


Amy: That sounds very possible too! I’m wondering if the pink sweater Bong Soon wore was the same as the one she wore the day she saved Min Hyuk on the bus! (F: If it's not I'll be super surprised) It’d be cool for him to find out that it was actually Bong Soon who saved him several years ago. As for the Thuglets, I’m thinking they actually will post the video, but hopefully Min Hyuk can help out again and get rid of it. I hope Bong Soon’s mom doesn’t get to mad at her again either since their relationship was in a bad place for parts of these two episodes. Another thing… what I am really worried about for the next few episodes for Bong Soon, Gook Doo, and the rest of the police force is the fact that the kidnapper has the whole station bugged. Hopefully no one gets hurt, but Bong Soon is catching the kidnapper’s attention, and Gook Doo’s independent nature is concerning.

Firnlambe: TRUTH! The fact that the kidnapper has been able to set up and monitor the police is very concerning. Particularly since it is now an open investigation. He was already one up on them all, so this development is going to be a real pain. It surprises me that he has so much at his disposal. I’m really curious as to how he got to this point, so I’m hoping we get some more answers soon. Mainly because I can’t see Bong Soon holding back for much longer.

E-Kun: Now that she is training with Min Hyuk, she won’t have to. For anything!


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