In this week’s episodes, questions are finally being answered. Gook Doo has found out about Bong Soon’s super strength, Min Hyuk realized that Bong Soon was the ‘angel’ that saved him years ago, and Bong Soon is starting to fall out of love with Gook Doo and in love with Min Hyuk. Join Firnlambe, E-kun, and me as we discuss the ups and downs from these last two episodes.

Firnlambe: Oh Em Gee guys…..Talk about sexual tension. //fans self// too bad Min Hyuk is being timid at the most opportune moments lol. I really do love Hyung Sik’s acting, and this drama is doing nothing but feed my obsessive nature lol

Amy: I think most of us were expecting a kiss scene while Bong Soon was drying Min Hyuk’s hair, but unfortunately that did not happen. I’m definitely on team Min Hyuk at this point-- Gook Doo was too slow to realize his affection for Bong Soon. I’m surprised Gook Doo didn’t figure it out in high school since there were so many weird incidents.

E-Kun: I think it is one of those things you don’t think about until you think about it in retrospect. And Bong Soon never wanted him to know. I personally am ok without them kissing just yet. Both parties, Min Hyuk and Bong Soon, need to get some things together individually before all that. Though, I do love how they continue to grow together.

Firnlambe: Agreed. To be fair though, Gook Du had no reason to assume she was the cause of all the incidents lol. I’m really glad he took the news as well as he did. I would have been really disappointed if he took it badly, so the fact that he just accepted it at face value was a nice touch. Gook Du really has been slow though in realizing his feelings, and it’s gonna cost him next week…..but personally--I’ve always been on Team Min Hyuk, he’s just too damn adorable for me to not love and root for. I can’t wait for their ship to finally set sail and gain momentum.

Amy: I’ve always been on Team Min Hyuk, but I also feel bad for Gook Doo, especially since his ex-girlfriend is the kidnapper’s next target, and it’s because of Gook Doo. The kidnapper is really starting to get to me though-- even though Gook Doo is onto him, he only seems more motivated. And I feel so bad for the girl who got beat up because she led the rest of the girls to try to call for help. I really thought their efforts would get them somewhere, but the kidnapper is really scary :(

E-Kun: I don’t feel bad for Gook Doo, but Lord knows I love him. He has made choices and now he has to live with them. Sometimes, time is just as much as an enemy as a friend. Bluebeard serial kidnapper is really out there. I was disappointed with Gook Doo for trying to take the law in his own hands, though I totally understand. Hee Ji being the next target is not at all surprising. She is pretty, related to Gook Doo and Bong Soon, and she is skinny. Even if Gook Doo had not irked him, she would still a likely candidate.

Firnlambe: I feel bad that Gook Du’s Ex has become a target. I really hope she is the key factor in drawing out Bong Soon though, because our kidnapper is obsessed with the media attention. Did you see how upset he got that someone else was arrested and took the credit for “all of his hard work”. It’s going to cause him to slip up and I can’t wait. I really want to know where he is getting all of his photos though, I mean he has some prime head-shots of the Ex and Bong Soon. It couldn’t have been easy finding those.

Amy: It definitely made me sad to see Gook Du become his target. I’m worried that he is going to get hurt if he keeps getting involved without support, but luckily his team leader had decided to help him even if it does cost him his job. I’m thinking that the Ex will be the last straw for Bong Soon, especially since Bong Soon’s brother will be heartbroken if Hee Ji gets kidnapped. I’m also getting the feeling that Bong Soon will be next after Hee Ji, but I feel like Bong Soon will be able to fight him off and help get him caught. It will be her story of good to put in the journals her grandmother passed on.

Firnlambe: I agree. And as much as I’m looking forward to that plot point…….I demand fluff, fluff and more fluff!! The way Min Hyuk and Bong Soon flirt via banter just makes me smile. I really couldn’t get enough of it. Now that He knows that his mystery angel is Bong Soon he better solidify his place in her heart asap.

Amy: I agree. I’m excited for the upcoming fluff, especially since episode 10 ended off with Min Hyuk’s confession. I can imagine Bong Soon’s mom watching through the window with stars in her eyes. The preview showed Gook Doo making a move too, so I’m wondering what Bong Soon’s reaction to that will be. The Romeo and Juliet scene had me cracking up. I also love how Bong Soon’s friend Kyung Shim is totally supporting Min Hyuk now.

E-Kun: I think bestie was on board when she decided he wasn’t gay. I am going to miss those moments of Min Hyuk screwing with Bong Soon’s mind. They were too funny.

Firnlambe: Honestly I hope Bong Soon stops Gook Du right before he even gets a chance to really go anywhere with his move. He’s had years to really come to terms with his emotions and make a move. He even said so himself that they never are able to make the timing work correctly between them. Bwahaha omg the daydream. This show excels at whipping up humorous scenarios between the characters, and this latest one did not disappoint.

Amy: I’m pretty sure it’s too late at this point. The fact that Min Hyuk got stabbed for Bong Soon probably sold her over. But, I think Min Hyuk not giving Bong Soon the job she wanted might have changed her mind a little haha. The doppelganger was definitely enjoyable to watch. The moment she had with Secretary Gong after getting trapped behind the table killed me.

E-Kun: Loved the doppelganger! Doesn’t everybody have that one person at work you want to trap behind a table or pray they miraculously disappear?! I know I do.

Firnlambe: I’m fairly certain that the doppelganger was hysterical and the highlight of Bong Soon’s return to work. I can’t wait to seem them try and bully Bong Soon in retaliation after she pinned them to the wall, because I am 99% certain it will not go as planned. How much fun do you wanna bet the actor had while playing this dual role.

Amy: I’m sure the entire cast and crew had a blast filming those parts. I’m more curious about the behind the scenes bloopers and outtakes.

We’re definitely getting closer to finding the answers to our questions and to the confessions we’ve all been waiting for. The combination of comedy and crime continues to make me laugh out loud but also hide in fear. Will the kidnapper finally be caught next week or will he continue to carry out his plans until he gets all his seven brides? Will Bong Soon accept Min Hyuk’s confession or is Gook Doo still in her heart? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and we’ll see you next week!

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