Are you shipping Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik too? Seems like the staff of TvN was kinda doing the same thing! 

The gorgeous cast of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has been giving us the feels for the past two months. Now that it's over, we all feel a little empty inside. I'm assuming the crew members fell in love with the series just like rest of us, because they started suspecting that our main couple were romancing each other off-screen as well. Bo Young and Hyung Sik's on-screen chemistry was on fire! It was very hard to differentiate real life from fiction at times. In a recent interview, the cute actress explained the misunderstanding she and the 25 year-old idol had with TvN staff.

"Hyung Sik has a lot more aegyo than I do. Usually, actresses will be the life of the party, but this time, Hyung Sik did all of that. He comes onto the set by yelling, 'Let's do this!' Whenever he says his lines, he always playfully talks to you. Because of that, I end up joking a lot too, and we talk without taking a break," the 27 year-old actress said.

Of course, that playfulness is what fueled the speculation, but the truth was revealed in the end. "At first, staff suspected there was something between us because we would always talk together. When the staff checked it out though, they figured out we were just practicing our lines. It was fun working together."

You could have fooled us! Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is now in marathon mode. Even though they aren't dating in real life, K-drama fans can continue to dream, right? They are both incredible actors that will miss seeing every weekend. 

Now that the hit series is over, who do you want our stars to test their on-screen chemistry with next? 

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