Jang Mi Kwan has scared the K-drama out of us for weeks, but he is really a great guy behind that killer mask.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon's resident villain is as terrifying as they come. He abducted, beat and pretty much tortured young ladies and their entire town for weeks before Bong Soon intervened. The pretty boy who turned crazy man is played by actor Jang Mi Kwan, and he admits in a recent interview with TV Report that playing kidnapper Kim Jang Hyun wasn't easy. 

The model turned actor was just as perplexed as the rest of us during his mask scenes at the beginning of the series.“Even though I was the person behind the mask, I understood how viewers felt because I couldn’t see my face on screen. It made me question if that person was really me. Because I was wearing a mask, I could have been replaced by another actor if I didn’t do well. I was excited, but I also felt pressured by the thought that I had to do a good job."

His on-screen character's life story is quite the sad one. After enduring his mom's physical abuse and being rejected by one of his crushes, Kim Jang Hyun's life took a turn for the worst. He became obsessed with marrying seven women after being inspired by the local play depicting it. 

How did Jang get into character? The horror film American Psycho was a great teacher. He learned so much from Christian Bale's portrayal of a demented character that was the polar opposite of his own. “I did research on my character by looking at Christian Bale in the movie American Psycho. I’m acting as Kim Jang Hyun, but I still have my own qualities, so it’s hard for me to curse at and beat women. Also, people think I’m scary even without the mask because of my role in the drama, but I want to clarify that it’s not true. In reality, I’m a very plain and boring person.”

Despite his terrifying role, K-drama lovers are probably still swooning over his perfect body. He admitted that going to the gym became a habit after he started acting in plays. The 27 year-old star feels that acting requires more leg strength than his modeling job did. 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has propelled this rookie actor into the spotlight. So how is he handling his newfound fame? “I’m happy that Strong Woman Do Bong Soon has become more popular than I thought it would be. But I’m worried about the future, since there’s no guarantee that things will continue to turn out well. I’m not saying I did a good job, but I did the best I could in this drama. I hope to receive positive reviews in more everyday roles as well,”

This is the last week Jang Mi Kwan will have to play the villain on Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. The finale airs this Saturday.

What type of role would you like to see him take on next? 

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