Welcome everyone to the Strongest Deliveryman drama club! This week we've gotten a crash course in the fast-paced no nonsense life of the deliveryman (and deliverywoman) with a cast of characters with equally complex backstories that this drama is sure to provide us with a captivating story week after week. Join DeShonda, June, Tiara and Me (Logan) as we see if we have what it takes to deal with the Deliveryman lifestyle. 


Strongest Deliveryman

Starring Go Kyung Pyo and Chae Soo Bin

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Logan: Wow, I never realized being a deliveryman was so intense. Lol. But seriously, from the glimpses we’ve seen of the four lead characters’ back stories so far I have a feeling we have a really dramatic plot ahead of us and I, for one, am looking forward to it. I already have a soft spot in my heart for all four leads. They each are trying to make the most out of the lives they were given and I think it is fair to say that none of them has had it easy.

Tiara: I know I never thought being a deliveryman was like an action movie. Dangerous, sure because being on the road can alway be dangerous, but you’re right, Logan, they are intense. Kang Soo (Go Kyung Pyo) and Dan Ah (Chae Soo Bin) are interesting and the opposite of one another. Dan Ah can kick your butt while Gang Soo is just down right insane with a tab crazy thrown in. I can’t say I’m on board with the second leads, Jin Gyu (Kim Sun Ho) and Ji Yoon (Go Won Hee).

June: I like where this drama started because we got a look into the backstories of the main leads, but also I think Dan Ah is a serious badass and doesn’t take anyone’s crap. I love a strong woman who can put these men in their place. Haha! But seriously being a deliveryman seems like a lotttttt of work. I don’t think I would be able to do it lmao!

DeShonda: The job of a deliveryman is one of the most important yet dangerous jobs to have in South Korea. I don’t think the men and women who are deliverymen get the love they deserve. It really is very hard work. I have to agree with you June, I really like Dan Ah because she is such a strong character. She works so very hard and I admire her for the goal she is trying to obtain.

Logan: I am so aboard the Dan Ah train. She is seriously my hero. Although I don’t quite agree with her blackmailing, Kang Soo. Blackmailing is never cool. It is kind of sad, though, that the only reason that she is safe while doing her job is because she’s a trained martial artist and she physically has to fend off the perverts. But that’s the sad reality of being a woman. I also love that she stands up for herself when the lady tells her daughter that she has to study hard if she doesn’t want to be deliveryman. People actually do that all the time to people in the service industry. I’ve seen it so much. It’s awful.

Tiara: Dan Ah is totally my hero, and I kind of love the misunderstanding between her and Kang Soo. The blackmail not so much, but her thinking he has this deep dark secret of dressing like a lady. Hilarious. I’m right there with you Logan about people in the service industry. If you think about it, most people visit more service industries every day and for people not to think it’s a real job makes me angry. People work hard to pay their bills and put food on their tables. It’s the sad reality of life that if you don’t have a fancy office job, people don’t think you study hard enough.

June: Her standing up to that lady is already one of my favorite moments in this drama. As someone who has worked in the service industry before, some people are seriously so mean to workers and think they are better than them. Dan Ah was right, it does take a lot of skill to do their jobs. Remember kids, don’t judge a book by its cover!

DeShonda: I agree with you June, no one should judge a book by its cover. One of my favorite comedic moments was the misunderstanding Dan Ah has about Kang Soo. I thought that was funny. I wonder what her reaction will be when she discovers Ji Yoon is living there.

Logan: Dan Ah and Kang Soo both don’t let anyone look down on them because of their job. Which is the exact right mindset to take - after all service jobs are HARD and they’re super talented. I think the reactions will be one extreme or another. Either they will be best friends or they’ll hate each other. I’m leaning towards the second since Ji Yoon already seems very loyal to Kang Soo and probably won’t take kindly to the way that Dan Ah treats him currently.

Tiara: Can we talk about Kang Soo’s hair? I’m getting Jun Pyo vibes for it. I kind of like it. Speaking of Ji Yoon, could she be Kang Soo’s half-sister? It sounds like Kang Soo’s dad had money before running off with it. Is this how Ji Yoon’s mom started her business?

June: I low key love his hair! It seems so fluffy! Lol. Maybe that is how she got things started. Can I just say that Jin Gyu is already annoying me so much. That whole scene in the coffee shop had my blood pressure go up.

DeShonda: Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our first member of the June Hate Club! I must admit June, Jin Gyu is very annoying! He is definitely a hot head and he was getting on my nerves in the coffee shop. Just how he treats people, in general, is nasty. But from his story, I can see why. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree. I did feel a little sorry for him when his father was beating him, and then had him dragged out of his office like a piece of trash. No wonder Jin Gyo is so mean. I have a feeling he is going to stand up to his father.

Logan: The coffee shop scene was sweet justice. Usually, in Kdramas we see employers siding with nasty customers, but I love that Ji Yoon’s manager was like “not in my store, buddy.”Lol. I was so ready to hate Jin Gyu - coming up with all the awful things I wanted to say about him in my mind, but then when his dad called him into his office...as soon as he started taking off his suit coat, I knew what was going to happen. And from that moment, I just couldn’t hate Jin Gyu anymore. All I could see in him was an abused little kid. Still, it doesn’t give him a right to treat people badly. It just gives me hope that he has the potential for character development.

Tiara: Jin Gyu is the worst. I’m with June on this one. I understand he has a horrible dad who thinks less of him, but he’s acting like a spoiled child. Okay, you got daddy issues but that doesn’t mean you need to act like a jerk to everyone else. Not to mention, he could make something of himself or do something with his passion for racing. Sadly, he doesn’t know how to take that drive for speed to turn it into something worth value. Plus, I hate his snotty attitude towards Kang Soo. Maybe he’ll get an eye opening when someone dies or maybe he won’t care.

June: I agree completely! His behavior was the worst and even those he has those issues, like don’t take them out on complete strangers. I just can’t stand snotty people and right now Jin Gyu is not making a good impression at all.

DeShonda: What I am hoping that will happen to Jin Gyu is that he gets a wakeup call and just maybe his behavior will straighten up. What do you ladies think about the rival restaurant The Holy Noodle? Those guys are something else! I have my eye on them because I know they have some sneaky plans up their sleeve to sabotage Kang Soo some more. But I like how he stood up to them and got his bowls back.

Logan: I agree, Tiara. I hate snottiness too. I’m really hoping for some character development. As far as Holy Noodle and that whole family - it seems like we have more evil parents in this drama than good ones. Jin Gyu’s dad is evil and so is Ji Yoon’s mom. She is definitely nothing but sneaky and is totally going to get on my nerves. I was really happy that the owner of the soup restaurant was the grandma of Kang Soo’s friend, but now I’m only sad. I really hope his friend pulls out of the coma alright, but I doubt it and that breaks my heart.

Tiara: That’s an understatement Logan about evil parents. Dan Ah’s parents may not be evil, but they sure do have a lot of badness. Why does Dan Ah have to give up her hard earn money for her brother after all she’s done to help the family? It’s one thing to sacrifice your dream to help your parents but another when it’s your parents picking a sibling’s future over yours. I love Grandma Jung Im. I’ve got a bad feeling Kang Soo’s friend isn’t going to make it.

June: It never fails that there are evil parents. It’s what makes K-Dramas, K-Dramas. Haha! But seriously, I feel so bad for Dan Ah to work so hard and have to sacrifice her dreams. I hope it gets better for all them soon.

DeShonda: I hope everything gets better for everyone as well. I really hope that Kang Soo’s friend will be ok. I did not expect so much tragedy at the beginning of this series. I went in expecting this drama to be light hearted but it has some serious and heavy things going on within it. But I like when dramas do that to me. I have to expect the unexpected.

Logan: I feel like Kdramas have taken a turn for the serious lately. In the past light-hearted dramas would wait until further along in the drama to bring out the heavy stuff but recently every “comedy” Kdrama I watch packs the emotional punches in the first episode. They have me crying before the first week is already over.

Tiara: Tell me about it, Logan. I feel like I need to have a box of tissues next to me while watching Kdramas at all times. I do miss the lightheartedness of dramas, but this new style of storytelling is working for me. I feel invested in the drama as a whole. I’m still holding out hope for Jin Gyu and Ji Yoon to grow up a bit. I do like Ji Yoon wanting to be on her own and make something of herself. She doesn’t want to please her parents and live like a princess. I get the feeling these four might be working together in some form or another.


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