Hey everyone, thanks for joining us this week on Strongest Deliveryman. We've seen a lot of emotions so far on this show, but this week brings them to a whole another level and out of unexpected places. Join Tiara, me (Logan), DeShonda, and OhSoEnthusiastic as we discuss the range of emotions we've seen from our characters this week.

Tiara: Kang Soo finally got to meet his mom and boy did I need tissues. It was touching to hear him confide to Dan Ah about his father’s battle with cancer, but to hear Kang Soo tell his mom how his dad longed for her. He needs some time and maybe learning about mom’s side of the story of what happened. I still think she’s hiding something or why would she feel so guilty around him. Kang Soo’s been alone for so long and I know he’s got his gang, but I want him to have a family.

Logan: I agree, Tiara, that Kang Soo/Hyun Soo’s mom is probably hiding something and I want to find out what it is. Sadly, though, I still don’t think she’s that great of a person because Kang Soo’s been around, alone, and it doesn’t seem like she’s put any effort into finding him, even wanting Hyun Soo to stay away from him. Unless her reason is just that severe that they need to cut off contact. I thought it was pretty interesting how Kang Soo is furious at her when he’s one of the nicest people on the face of the planet, one of the most forgiving and understanding. He doesn’t seem to have any intention of doing either with her at the moment. But I think he’ll come around to being a great older brother to Hyun Soo and knowing Kang Soo’s character, he’ll probably end up forgiving his mom too.

DeShonda: Whew, I was an emotional wreck watching this week's episodes. I was thinking the same thing as you ladies, Kang Soo’s mother is definitely hiding something from him. I had a feeling that when Kang Soo found his mother, the exchange would not be positive. And you are right Logan, Kang Soo is so very nice and forgiving. I was glad to see that angry side of him, however. I don’t blame him for being mad at his mother, so his anger is justified. I am hoping that he does continue to have a good relationship with Hyun Soo after all, he is his brother.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I was actually really taken aback by how he handled meeting her again. He’s been so level-headed about everything up to this point, so I was expecting him to be emotional and confused, but not so intensely angry. It made me wish we’d gotten some flashback scenes to when he was caring for his dad, how difficult it must have been for Kang Soo, how heartbroken his father must have been, showing us a build up of that anger and bitterness we haven’t seen from Kang Soo at all before now. I needed something to help me connect with Kang Soo’s anger in that moment. As for his mom, I think she’s ashamed and doesn’t want to face her son or what she did to him and her late husband.

Tiara: You make a good point about his personality Logan. However, Kang Soo’s someone who believes in justice - righting wrongs, and apologizing when you’ve done a bad thing. His mom hasn’t tried to make amends for her actions in his eyes. He see her as a mom who abandoned her family and sold the family boat for money. It’s understandable he sees this as an injustice towards his dad more so when there was no money to pay for Dad’s medical bills, the extreme amount of pain Dad was in, but he still waited/loved her. I do think Hyun Soo is going to help build the bridge between them and possibly a lot of apologizing on Mom’s part.

Logan: I think Kang Soo’s feelings are totally justified too. I hated him seeing him in that kind of pain - imagining that a sweet, kind person like him would ever be abandoned is almost too much for me to take. I am betting that Kang Soo will let Hyun Soo join Strongest Deliveryman, which seems to be thriving, which makes me happy of course. Now that Jin Gyu is out on the streets, I wonder if with his brief deliveryman experience, he’ll end up working there too. Super proud of Jin Gyu for standing up to Ji Yoon’s awful mom by the way. That took more than just guts because now he has absolutely nothing and nearly no one - except for Ji Yoon who confessed having feelings for him. So rooting for this couple. They are adorable.

DeShonda: Jin Gyu is becoming one of my favorite characters in this series. He definitely gets my vote for most improved. I just love the development of this character so much and I am happy he is growing up in a sense. One of my favorite scenes the week is when Jin Gyu confronted Ji Yoon’s mother. I was so happy to see him stand up to her as well. It was very satisfying to watch. Jin Gyu has really had his slice of humble pie from living on the streets and going from rich to poor and back again. I was so happy that Ji Yoon told him how she felt because I am also rooting for this couple. I think they balance each other out very well and they have a lot in common.

OhSoEnthusiastic: What I want to see is Jin Gyu join the delivery company in some sort of high-level position so he can put all that experience he got as a restaurant manager to good use. He’s clearly smart enough for the job. And him standing up to Ji Yoon’s mom made my day. He’s grown up so much since the start of the drama, from a scared rich kid who didn’t believe in himself, just let himself be dragged around by everyone around him, to a mature and responsible adult with something he wants to achieve. I’m so proud of him. (They grow up so fast. //sniff sniff//) And yeeeessss my Ji Yoon/Jin Gyu ship is sailing out to seeeeeea!!!!! I smell cohabitation hijinks on the way, and I am fully on board, lol.

Tiara: Poor Jin Gyu. He really wanted to succeed and his dreams were dashed away by Madam Jung. I can’t say I’m surprised she wants Jin Gyu’s Dad to notice his son to be reconsidered for inheritance. Madam Jung is a cut throat business woman who will use dirty tricks to get want she wants. Speaking of tricks, the bank discontinuing the mom/pop restaurants was a cold move. I hope the Black Noodles Guy, the one who ran away from Chef Jung’s old gang members, helps them get a loan. Madam Jung might be overthinking her ability to turn Jin Gyu into someone his dad cares about. She clearly doesn’t know the man.

Logan: My heart broke for Jin Gyu. In the beginning, he was all arrogance, but I saw the potential for a good person in there and I feel like he finally met that potential. He was working hard to build the business and not resorting to any of the dirty tricks that the Jung family has no problem playing. Not only that but when dirty tricks came into the picture he called it quits. I feel comfortable calling Jin Gyu a good person now, and so it’s sad to see that he was being used - although we already knew he was. I was thinking about the connection to Black Noodles too, Tiara. It wasn’t just a coincidence that he ran into Kang Soo twice. It’d be nice if he comes to the rescue.

DeShonda: You make a very good point Tiara. I am hoping that the Black Noodles guy helps them get a loan as well. I have a feeling that he is going to help them out. As far as Madame Jung goes, I can’t stand her. She is only out for herself and she needs to be taken down right away. I am hoping that Kang Soo or maybe even Jin Gyu have something up their sleeve to do just that.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Black Noodles Guy is so adorable. I just want to cuddle him like he’s a teddy bear, lol. I actually didn’t even think about the timing of his reappearance. I’m feeling a lot better about the other restaurants' chances now that I think about that, cause I’m sure Kang Soo will work out a deal with him and the restaurants. And I relish seeing Madame Jung taken down a peg. Or 500. She doesn’t understand just how strong our Deliveryman team is. But boy is she gonna find out.

Tiara: DeShonda, I totally agree about Jin Gyu and Ji Yoon balancing each other. I think I’ve described their situations in ways being like each other. It’s easy for them to understand the other as being an outcast in the eyes of at least one of their parents. I too am rooting for them. I hope Jin Gyu joins Strongest Deliveryman because I get the feeling his under-ling has his notes and might plan on using them while taking the credit. I believe Jin Gyu will thrive with Kang Soo’s gang finally be a decent human being.

Logan: And if Jin Gyu joins Strongest Deliveryman the Kang Soo/Jin Gyu bromance can resume full force! I’m glad that everyone was alright after the encounter with the boss’ old gang. It was Kang Soo’s large network of friends once again that helped save the day by alerting Kang Soo that Dan Ah was somewhere other than where she said she was going. And it’s even luckier that Gong Gi, the martial arts expert he was, followed along. It could have been disastrous for the boss, and Dan Ah could have gotten hurt as well.

DeShonda: Yes Logan! I am waiting for the bromance between Kang Soo and Jin Gyu to happen again! I really love the friendship the both of them have together. That fight with the old gang was intense! I was glad that everyone was alright as well. I was a little worried about Dan Ah going with her boss, but I knew she can hold her own in a fight. It’s always good to see her kick butt every now and then in this series.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Yes! Bring back the bromance! It’s time! We’ve waited long enough! Seriously though. These two are going to have the cutest friendship ever. I can not wait. That gang fight was honestly so silly to me, and when the baddies just surrendered at the end, I was like ‘Really? Have you forgotten how to count? Cause last I checked...you outnumber them...’ But I’m significantly more happy with that ending than any other ending the writers could have come up with, lol. It does speak to the power of Kang Soo’s friendships that he’s got basically an entire army there ready and willing to back him up at a seconds notice. (I was kind of hoping the entire deliveryman posse would show up to that fight, and when they didn’t, I was disappointed, lol.)

Tiara: Haha, Kang Soo’s gang is truly the right word to describe his people connection. Chef Jang for the win. However, MVP goes to Soon Ae’s quick thinking of putting a tracker in Chef Jang’s shoe. She knew he would wear her gifted shoes without a second thought. As much as I love Kang Soo and Dan Ah & Jin Gyu and Ji Yoon as couples, I’m shipping Chef Jang and Soo Ae. I just hope it comes true.


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