Welcome back, chingus. It’s a rocky road for our delivery team as evil Madam Jung’s business strategy is starting to take its toll. A new plan of action is needed as our underdogs are about to lose all they worked for. Come join the Justice League of dramaland, DeShonda, OhSoEnthusiastic, Logan, and myself, Tiara, as we discuss this week's episodes!

Cohabiting of Ji Yoon and Jin Gyu

Tiara: Haha!!! I love the whole thing. The kidnapping of Jin Gyu is a little over the top with the silliness, but it works for these two. Jin Gyu is stuck in wallowing in self-pity and needs helps. I love that Ji Yoon is paying back what she received from Kang Soo. He helped her find a new path in life by taking her in, and I think she’s hoping to be the support Jin Gyu needs.

It may seem fun with Ji Yoon making Jin Gyu become a stay at home wife, but she’s trying to get him out of his dark hole. He seems to fit the role of wife pretty well. The playfulness between the two is delightful, and I hope to see them blossom into a romance. Jin Gyu building a small DMZ to keep Ji Yoon on her side of the room was a laugh.

Logan: This cohabitation is what we needed to bring these two closer. Now that the main obstacles to them liking each other are out of the way (the obstacles being back when they liked other people), they really needed some way where they were forced to realize how perfect they were for each other. Ji Yoon has been on board, and now it’s fun to see Jin Gyu’s growing affection for her. Seeing Ji Yoon be Jin Gyu’s advocate is the sweetest thing because I don’t think he’s ever really had someone to do that for him. And I think a loved Jin Gyu will be able to reciprocate that love ten-fold. I’m thrilled to see it starting.

DeShonda: I loved the scenes between these two this week! When Ji Yoon made Jin Gyu live with her, I thought it was cute. I was cracking up when she was bothering him when he was trying to sleep. It just confirms that she really does have feelings for him and in turn, I think he likes her too. Jin Gyu really does need some help, and Ji Yoon was right there to pick him up when he was in a difficult place. She even helped him find a job at Strongest Deliveryman, which I was hoping would happen.

OhSoEnthusiastic: It was a little too much like kidnapping for me at the beginning, and I was slightly uncomfortable with that, but these two are so freakin’ cute together, and I love, love, LOVE how dogged Ji Yoon is in pursuing Jin Gyu, so I’ve mostly forgiven her going a little over the top. When Jin Gyu created the Great DMZ Barrier and Ji Yoon just took it as an opportunity to be super silly though, I literally died.

No, really. I died, and I’m now an angel typing this. But I digress, lol.

I fully admit that I’m loving our secondary couple more than our main couple, and this whole thing has just cemented that for me. They are just so CUTE! Freakin’ get married already!

Kang Soo is in a tight spot as his half-brother, Hyun Soo, wants to join the team, but their mother is against it.

Tiara: Poor Hyun Soo. He doesn’t understand the situation, and I don’t see him happy once he finds out. Kang Soo doesn’t want to hurt his brother, on the one hand, but I know he doesn’t want to give up his friendship with Hyun Soo. He’s stuck between a rock and a hard place as to tell his brother or not. In a way, this is his mother’s secret. She’s the reason they weren’t able to live as brothers. I’m a bit angry at mom with each episode. It’s not fair to either of her sons. Kang Soo deserves to know what happened, and Hyun Soo should be told the truth. I’m laying this solely on mom, and I’ll be angry on behalf of both of them.

Logan: Truthfully, I am a bit surprised that Kang Soo hasn’t told Hyun Soo the truth. He’s very much an honesty is the best policy guy - even when the truth is very painful. That being said, I understand why he hasn’t. The whole matter is very painful for him, and his mom is ridiculously shameless. To me, she is not showing true guilt. I was trying to figure out her motive for keeping Hyun Soo and Kang Soo apart, and there are probably a few, but I realized that one of them could be that she understands that it’d be painful for Kang Soo to see Hyun Soo. So I’m trying to give her an ounce of credit there. But overall, I still think she’s not making wise choices.

DeShonda: I really feel sorry for Hyun Soo. He is going to realize soon why his mother doesn’t want him around Kang Soo. I am looking forward to seeing his reaction when he finally knows the truth. I was wondering why Kang Soo has not told Hyun Soo they are related either. His mother obviously does not realize she is hurting both of her sons. She needs to get her act together for her sons sake.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I’m kind of in the opposite boat as the rest of you, as I’m just really frustrated with Kang Soo on this front. This situation needs to be dealt with, and he’s not dealing with it. Considering how forthright and determined he is about everything else in his life, it’s really frustrating watching him actively avoid probably the most important part. And I don’t think it’s for such pure motives as you guys are suggesting. I think he’s just that angry, and he’d rather be angry then find a way to resolve the situation. After all, he’s the one who told mom where to get off, and it was pretty clear he meant ‘Don’t ever speak to me or act like you know me.’ So I’m ready for him to put on his big boy pants and get it over with.

Rip the damn band-aid off.

Restaurant Row: the Battle to survive

Tiara: Madam Jung is a piece of work for sure, and I’m not surprised to find Jin Gyu’s ideas being stolen by his second in command. It sure makes her look good, but it’s nice to know Jin Gyu’s hard work paid off as his idea worked. Madam Jung shouldn’t have been honest with him because she lost out. He has no loyalty to her, and I’m glad he told Kang Soo about how Family Jung’s business is able to keep its low prices.

It did seem that our Deliveryman and restaurants were about to be out of a business. Thank goodness for Kang Soo’s support in the form of Dan Ah; he’s able to gain his strength to come up with a new business plan. It was a smart idea to include not just the restaurant owners, but the building owners. Considering their building will be empty with no rent coming in if the restaurants fail, it’s a no-brainer they need to support their tenants. Kang Soo’s goodness also helps them get another loan from a different bank which is another win for team Kang Soo.

Logan: In some ways, I feel like the cliche “Behind every good man there is a good woman” is so antiquated, but it’s kinda true for Kang Soo in Dan Ah. Kang Soo can rally the troops and seemingly accomplish everything with his positive attitude and kindness, but even he can’t do it alone. He needed that pep talk from Dan Ah. The best part of the Strongest Deliveryman franchise almost meeting its demise was that it forced her to take a look at her own feelings. Was she willing to leave the country and the man she loved behind knowing he was going to fail and suffer? The answer was “no.” More than escaping the country, she wanted to see a man like Kang Soo succeed in her country to give her hope again - and because she loves him. *contented sigh*

DeShonda: I was thinking the same thing, Logan. This situation really did give Dan Ah a wake-up call. I am very happy that she decided to stay and see Kang Soo do well with his business. And yes, she does love him. I am so happy for this couple. Meanwhile, Madame Jung is getting on my nerves. But Kang Soo does have a lot of support and has a very smart business plan. I am sure Kang Soo will take down Madame Jung. It may not be easy, but it is doable.

OhSoEnthusiastic: That’s been my favorite part of all of this, the change we’ve seen in Dan Ah. She found her reason for staying, and it’s because she doesn’t want to see Kang Soo give up like she had. He has a passion, a drive inside him that has taken him very far, and brought quite a few people along with him. Dan Ah finally recognized that and realized how important it is and that she wants to be there to ensure that passion and drive never die out. Kang Soo gave her something to hope and fight for again.

Jin Gyu is scouted by Strongest Deliveryman

Tiara: I love that it was Ji Yoon who put an application in for Jin Gyu. Yay!!! My bromance is back and going strong. Kang Soo and Jin Gyu are a good team, and I can’t wait to see what else they do together with the business. I have to give it to Jin Gyu for learning to become a good person with how he confronted his ex-second in command over her stealing his idea. It clearly shows how humble he’s become as a human. If this were the same Jin Gyu from the first half of the drama, he wouldn’t have been so cordial.

Logan: Yay - our predictions and hopes about Jin Gyu joining Strongest Deliveryman came true, guys! We must be Kdrama prophets - either that or we’ve seen our fair number of Kdramas over the years. Lol. It really was the perfect fit for all parties. There was just something so satisfying about seeing Kang Soo and Jin Gyu standing side by side while facing their competition - both with their trademark smiles. It was something I didn’t even realize how badly I needed to see. Another thing that we wanted to see at the beginning of this drama that I really feel like we have is Jin Gyu’s transition from an immature punk to a kind-hearted person who does good things and takes responsibility. His place in Strongest Deliveryman, to me, really shows the progress he’s made.

DeShonda: I was hoping this would happen! I really wanted Jin Gyu to work with Kang Soo again. I really love the bromance between the both of them. And Jin Gyu knows how Madame Jung runs her business, so this would be very helpful to Kang Soo as he can be one step ahead of her scheming plans. Jin Gyu joining Strongest Deliveryman is a win/win for everyone across the board. I have said this before, and I will say it again. I vote Jin Gyu for most improved in this series. I really love the development of his character. He really has come a long way from that arrogant, drag racing rich guy we saw in episode one. Bravo Jin Gyu!

OhSoEnthusiastic: It was only a matter of time, lol. I’m honestly surprised it took them this long to do it. If I were Kang Soo, I would have been rushing to find Jin Gyu and offer him a job as soon as I heard he had left the restaurant. But hallelujah, it finally happened, and I’m ecstatic. Our team is complete! All that’s left now is slam dunking this cafeteria business plan.

Awkward meetings and small connections: Madam Jung’s banker is Soon Ae’s ex-husband

Tiara: Well, this is interesting … I can’t wait to uncover this story. The ex-husband seems a little afraid of Chef Jang which makes me think he could have been their banker. I get the feeling a betrayal happened, and this could have been the reason Chef Jang spent time in jail. I also see karma coming back to bite Madam Jung in the butt soon. Okay, I can hope that karma has her name written down.

Logan: Soon Ae said to Chef Jang that none of this would have happened if he had listened to her in the first place. She’s also made hints to a prior romance between the two of them. I’m wondering if the two of them weren’t in love before she married the banker. Maybe she wanted to run off and be with Chef Jang, but he said no. He wanted a better life for her and insisted she marry the banker, and in the end, she was worse off for it. Not only would Chef Jang have felt guilty, but he also lost the woman he loved. I know it’s just hypothesizing, but I can totally see their past having played out like that. Either way, I would love to see a happy future for Soon Ae and Chief Jang; I think they both really need each other.

DeShonda: I am looking forward to seeing how this story develops as well. I noticed that as well, Tiara, that Soon Ae’s ex-husband is scared of Chef Jang. Like you, the first thing that came to my mind is that he was their banker before. I also was thinking that she was in love with Chef Jang prior as well. I hope that the both of them become a couple. You can tell that Chef Jang really cares for Soon Ae.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I’m really ready to find out these guys full backstory. What exactly happened? I get the feeling Mr. Banker was involved in something shady that he ended up getting away with somehow, maybe by letting Chef take the blame for it. But Chef clearly doesn’t have a totally clean record himself seeing as he was once a gangster, so maybe he’s not totally innocent in the whole thing? I don’t know. I just know that I /want/ to know, and I’d like to know real soon.

Yeon Ji’s secret job no longer a secret

Tiara: I understand why Dan Ah is angry, but Yeon Ji is trying to save money to survive without her best friend. She has been so self-centered when it comes to her wants and needs that she hasn’t seen the effect that her leaving would do to those left behind. Sure, her real family are a bunch of a-holes, but what about Yeon Ji, her master, Chef Jang and Soon Ae? She made a family before Kang Soo showed up in her life, but she couldn’t see past her own desires. I’m glad that Kang Soo was able to teach her that family isn’t just blood, but the good people you meet.

I’m glad Yeon Ji was able to talk to Dan Ah about her fears. She’s been struggling in this Joseon hell too, but she’s kept her feelings inside. A good talk and cry will do these two good. I also love how Min Chan was there trying to protect her. I’m shipping them by the way.

Logan: Kang Soo is just so good at giving advice and being a listening ear. He should consider a career in counseling. Lol. I’m glad he was able to suggest to Dan Ah that she let Yeon Ji come to her. And it worked. Yeon Ji approached Dan Ah and because Dan Ah let herself soften, they were able to have a real conversation. I wonder what the solution to Yeon Ji’s career might be. Dan Ah seems to think Kang Soo can solve it, but I can’t see Yeon Ji as a deliveryman.

DeShonda: I am so happy that Yeon Ji’s secret is out. She doesn’t have to be sneaky anymore. What I am hoping is that she gets a job with Kang Soo’s company so that she doesn’t have to sneak around. Not that she was doing anything illegal, but it is dangerous for her to be out late like that by herself. I was happy that she met Min Chan who was always there to walk her home during her late night shift. In my opinion, she was doing the same thing that Dan Ah was doing which was working and saving money to move. She clearly had a goal in mind that she was trying to accomplish and I commend her for earning money. I am glad she was able to talk to Dan Ah about what she was doing as well.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I can understand Dan Ah being angry that Yeon Ji lied to her, but I think it’s totally unfair for her to be angry at Yeon Ji for doing something out of desperation. Life is hard, man, and sometimes you make choices you wouldn’t otherwise make because of it. Yeon Ji needs sympathy and support right now, not anger and judgment. A better paying job would be helpful too, although I don’t really want her working at Strongest Deliveryman, because 1) what would she even do, and 2) that’s a little too tied up with a bow, plot-wise, for me. Maybe a better yoga teaching position? (Although it sounds rather ridiculous to me that a yoga instructor doesn’t make anything. That must be unique to Korea, cause I’m pretty sure yoga instructors do just fine here, lol.)

So that makes sympathy, support, and a better job on the list of things Yeon Ji needs. Maybe you can throw in Min Chan for good measure, drama gods?

Family Jung vs Strongest Deliveryman’s Lunch Battle

Tiara: It is frustrating how Family Jung is able to destroy small restaurants because of their deep pockets. It’s a sad reality, but I really want the underdog to win. Who doesn’t like a good underdog story? However, there are two other companies besides Family Jung fighting for the contract. It would kind of make me laugh if both of them lose, but at least it isn’t a win for Madam Jung. It would mean more work for Team Kang Soo, but hard work isn’t something they are afraid of.

Logan: If Strongest Deliveryman doesn’t win, there has got to be foul play. I mean logically, if you had the choice to choose where your lunch came from, and you had the option of having various food delivered to you or having to go off-location to the same place every day and both places use high-quality ingredients, I don’t see why you wouldn’t choose the place that also offered delivery. I mean, I work in a building that offers a delivery service with multiple restaurants available each day, and do you know how incredibly convenient that is? I’ll tell you, it’s life-changing (especially on the days they offer Korean bbq - yum!) But you never know what’s going to happen with these types of situations in Dramaland. Since it’s near the end of the drama, I’m hoping for good news for Strongest Deliveryman!

DeShonda: I completely agree with you Tiara! I always root for the underdog as well. I don’t want Madame Jung to win at all. I just know that Kang Soo and his support will come out with an easy victory.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I totally was thinking ‘Wouldn’t it be an interesting idea if neither of them got the contract?’ I don’t expect that to happen because this is dramaland, but I would be quite interested to see that happen and how both groups would handle it. Strongest Deliveryman would find a way to turn it into a win, but I have a feeling Jung Family would have some sort of epic meltdown.

A crazy, fiery, explosive, glooooooooorious meltdown.

Ok, drama gods. Throw that in too.

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