Get your bikes and dishes ready for delivery as this secret order is in session. Dan Ah ( Chae Soo Bin) is out mostly this week due to an injury after saving Jin Gyu ( Kim Sun Ho) from a watery grave. While she’s out healing, Jin Gyu has volunteered to cover Dan Ah’s delivery, pay for her hospital fees, and give her mostly all the money she’ll need to leave Korea soon. Meanwhile, Kang Soo’s ( Go Kyung Pyo) super powers of making friends all over Seoul is uncovered while they try to find out who stopped one of their own from getting medical help on time. Kang Soo and Jin Gyu share some quality time together, but secrets come out to threaten their new form bond. 

Come join the Justice League of Dramaland, DeShonda, June, Logan, and myself, Tiara, as we discuss this week's episodes!

Logan: And the bromance is finished before it has really even begun, which is a bummer. I thought it was telling of both Kang Soo an Jin Gyu’s characters how easily they both decided to let bygones be bygones when they started working at the noodle shop together - but I knew the honeymoon stage couldn’t last forever. I don’t know if I expected it to end quite so soon, though. I know people are going to have a lot of different opinions about what the right thing to do in their scenario is and even though I feel myself sympathizing with both parties, I appreciate how already this drama is really making us use our minds and question who is right and who is wrong and if there is a grey area.

Tiara: Kang Soo and Jin Gyu’s bromance was great. I agree, Logan, it’s a shame the honeymoon is over. Jin Gyu really took charge this week with subbing in for Dan Ah. I was surprised the rich boy we saw in the first episode took on the job of delivering food without whining. Maybe Dan Ah knocked some sense into him or helped him learn some good life lessons.

June: I knew getting the bromance so early in the drama wasn’t going to last. We all know I love a good bromance, so I was a little bummed to know it was pretty much over. I was surprised he helped her out with the deliveries too! His attitude from last week’s episodes could have fooled me! Lol.

DeShonda: The bromance between Kang Soo and Jin Gyu was great! Then, things went downhill. I was wondering what Kang Soo’s reaction would be when he found out that Jin Gyu was responsible for injuring his friend. I am glad that Kang Soo took him to the police station to confess, but that didn’t turn out well. Just when I was starting to like Jin Gyu, I was disappointed in his behavior. But I do think it’s cute that he has a crush on Dan Ah. I think they make a cute couple and I actually ship them.

Logan: I agree, DeShonda, even though Jin Gyu is making his efforts to be a better person and even though his psychotic father won’t be happy, Kang Soo did the right thing by taking him to the police station. I’m disappointed in how Jin Gyu reacted. He should have tried to explain his situation better rather than acting arrogant, because when he first found out about Kang Soo’s friend he seemed genuinely really sorry. I’m not sure who I ship at this point, but I have noticed that it almost seems like this drama could be one of the rare ones where the leads end up with the second leads instead of each other. It probably won’t happen, but with the way they are setting things up so far, it really seems like the mains have more chemistry with the second leads - and I’m totally fine with it.

Tiara: Kang Soo whole heartedly believes in the goodness of people and that justice will win out in the end. It’s an endearing quality in a character, but unrealistic. He’s only know Jin Gyu for a second and the first time they meet he was all snooty. It’s a great call back in this episode with how people treat Jin Gyu as a deliveryman. Sure, he’s taken care of Dan Ah and repaying her back with her hospital fees and giving her money, but money to him is the way to fix a problem. Not to mention, his dad will probably kill him if word gets out he was apart of street racing. Yet, I’m glad the secret is out because it will give Jin Gyu time to redeem himself in Kang Soo’s eyes. As for the romance, it’s anyone’s guess at where it goes. My fingers are crossed for some good bromance.

June: Yeah, I kind of really don’t care where the romance goes, if anything I want some really good friendships to develop in this drama. I’ve been more into crime and other kinds of k-dramas lately, that I can live without the romance part! Haha! Jin Gyu needs to redeem himself in my eyes too. He can’t expect his money to just solve everything.

DeShonda: I agree, Jin Gyu’s money will not fix any problem and he has a lot of growing up to do indeed. I do give him credit for trying to go on a right path to change himself. He needs another wakeup call and I hope he changes for the better.

Logan: I have hope for Jin Gyu because we have seen a glimpse of his heart and he really does appear to be a good person who has just been misguided his whole life about what is important and how he should behave. One of the really cool things about these episodes was how Kang Soo was able to call on his network of friends to help him out when he ran into trouble. The reward for being good and kind to those around him was the loyalty of apparently every other deliveryman he ever meant. He took a page out of Harry Potter’s book by saying that he had something that the culprit (Jin Gyu) didn’t, which was friends.

Tiara: Haha … now I can’t get Kang Soo as Harry Potter out of my head. Thanks for that image Logan. Man, I really want to photoshop that now. It’s pretty awesome the network of friends he’s made over the past five years. It made me laugh with Gong Gi’s delivery gang stole Kang Soo’s bike and he was tracking the whole incident on his phone by his friends in Seoul. I was surprised that Gong Gi was the first person to mention Jin Gyu might be involved in the street racing. But it was really great seeing Kang Soo win more people over to his side.

June: For real! Kang Soo and his network of friends was seriously amazing! Like I’m jealous lol! I wish I had that network of friends. Haha!

DeShonda: That was one of my favorite scenes this week! I loved seeing Kang Soo and all of the other deliverymen rally together to find any witnesses in his friends' accident. Even the crew from the Holy Noodle are on Kang Soo’s side. I thought they would be rivals throughout this series, but it’s good to see them all come together.

Logan: I hope Gong Gi whips his gang into shape a little better. The nerve of trying to steal Kang Soo and Dan Ah’s bike. That is no simple prank. I was worried that it was going to cause a big problem, but it pays to be nice as Kang Soo is teaching us. It’s a little surprising how little interaction he and Dan Ah have had so far in the series. I was really anticipating their chemistry, but now that she’s gotten to know Jin Gyu there’s a possibility she might be more on his side than Kang Soo’s. That will certainly amp up the intensity. I’m excited to see what happens in that regard.

Tiara: The amount of time she’s known both Kang Soo and Jin Gyu isn’t enough to really trust either of them. They both have helped her in her time of need. Jin Gyu covering her shifts and Kang Soo helping her clean the school. Kang Soo really didn’t have to pitch in and help her out where Jin Gyu was the reason for her to be hospitalized. The romance could go either way at this point. But don’t forget Ji Yoon has her heart on Kang Soo, but the deal she made with her mother will probably make it difficult. Not to mention, Jin Gyu doesn’t have anyone on his side but his mom and brother. Having Ji Yoon’s mom wanting to turn him into a businessman could tempt him since his dad doesn’t want to give him the time of day. 

June: Very true! I’m really anticipating where they take this drama, to be honest.

DeShonda: I have to say I am looking forward to where this is going as well. Things are definitely going to get complicated between the four of them. 


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