Hello and welcome back to the Strongest Deliveryman Drama Club. Things are defintiely changing for our characters. Some are super loyal, some are faking their romances and others may not change at all. Join Tiara, Logan, Tori and I as we discuss this week's episodes.

Tiara: I’m a little torn on my feelings this week. I love how passionate Kang Soo is to bring justice for his friend and he is successful in bring Jin Gyu to task. I really thought Jin Gyu doing manual labor while Dan Ah was out, he might have learned a little about life. Instead, I feel like that was a complete waste of time as Jin Gyu doesn’t believe he did anything wrong. He doesn’t understand why he can’t throw his name or money to get out of situations. Look how it turned out for Dan Ah. It’s why she isn’t on his side. Thankfully Kang Soo, as the good person that he is, went out of his way to make sure all those bills were paid asking for nothing in return.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I’m actually very pleased with how everything is going, story wise. I understand why you would feel torn, because it did look like Jin Gyu had done a complete turnaround from his old life, so to see him go back to his old ways is frustrating and disheartening. But I also think that’s normal. He hasn’t completely changed. He’s still the same Jin Gyu. He still has the same problems and hurdles and personal foibles that he’s going to have to overcome. He’s just a slightly newer version of himself beginning to see the kind of man he can be, the kind of man he might want/ to be. I think the problem is the writers haven’t totally conveyed that to us, the audience, so we all ended up with the impression that he was changed for good, when truthfully, this is just one step on his journey to growing up and becoming a man.

June: I agree with both of you all. First off, this drama is surprising me each week with how much I grow to like it. I like where it’s going and I like the dynamics of the characters. Sigh, the only thing that has me on edge is Jin Gyu. I agree, it’s like right when I think he’s going to change for the better, his old ways pop up. One thing that annoys me the most is the fact that he thinks money is going to solve everything, but then again it’s probably how things have always been for him. Kang Soo continues to be one of my favorite characters. He’s damn loyal to his friends and a good person overall.

Logan: June, I totally feel the same way. My love for this drama is multiplying every week. From what I’ve seen so far, it has those qualities that make the difference between a good drama and a great drama. I went through every emotion known to man as I watched this weeks’ episodes frustration, happiness, sadness, you name it. And I love that even when something frustrating happens, this drama has me laughing so hard that I can cry about something else the next minute. I’d just like to give this drama a quick shout out for being so hilarious.

Tiara: I agree with you June about both Jin Gyu and Harry Kang. I loved the growing bromance these two shared after meeting on the wrong foot. I knew Kang Soo wasn’t going to allow Jin Gyu to escape his wrongdoing, but if he apologized I know Kang Soo would forgive him. Of course after serving his punishment. Instead, he gives this big Joker smiles at his new job in front of Kang Soo and Dan Ah. It feels like a slap to the face. Kang Soo’s loyalty and his optimistic is a treat. I’m on board with Dan Ah dating Kang Soo evening if it’s fake now. If the drama won’t give me my bromance, I’ll take the growing friendship between those too.

OhSoEnthusiastic: You guys have to remember though that Jin Gyu’s entire modus operandi is self preservation, because without it, he’s afraid of his whole world falling apart. It’s a logical (if still unhealthy) choice to make when you grow up in a house like his, where nothing you do is good enough and all you are good at is spending money. It’s his way of surviving. And I am so onboard for this drama’s ships. I will sail with these ships, and I will die with these ships, and I will love these ships forever, lol.

June: This fake dating thing is so funny to watch! You know this is either how they really start to like each other or at least really become friends. I am all here for that.

Logan: It’s kind of funny because Ji Yoon called Kang Soo her boyfriend too. I’m wondering if he’ll get in trouble for “dating two girls at the same time” even though he really isn’t dating either of them. Either way, it makes the story that much more enjoyable and hilarious. I’ll be okay with whatever ship happens because I really enjoy Ji Yoon’s character just as much as Dan Ah. It’s nice to have a kind, refreshing second female lead.

Tiara: Ji Yoon’s mom really must be desperate to spend that much money on Jin Gyu. It kind of makes me feel a tad sad for Ji Yoon not being looked at to take over the company, but then again I don’t think that is something she’ll want to do. I do find her dates with Jin Gyu a delight. I guess you could call this a punishment if I’m looking at the glass half full.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Yeah, I don’t trust Ji Yoon’s mom. She’s shady, and while the logic behind wanting your daughter to match up with a rich guy I can get, the logic of ‘This kid is a complete and total mess who apparently doesn’t have a head for business, but I’ll hitch my horse to his buggy anyway, cause...reasons???’ I’m sorry. What????? But the two of them together are so much fun that I can’t help but genuinely want them together. And although it’s not being explored right now, they do have some very important things in common with each other. Growing up in families with money where what they want and need comes last after what everyone else wants and needs for them. A desire to make something of themselves and to see what they’re made of. And judging by their dates, a similar sense of humor, lol.

June: Yeah, I don’t trust that lady one bit, but this character is always needed in a drama! There’s always gotta be the one shady person trying to pull some type of stunt. Haha! I actually do enjoy the little dates and the constant bickering they do. It’s some nice little humor thrown in to this drama. We need more of that!

Logan: Their dates are so funny. Ji Yoon slammed Jin Gyu’s face into his bowl of soup, I had to pause the drama because I was laughing too hard and couldn’t catch what was going on. Ji Yoon’s quirky personality is the perfect match for Jin Gyu’s personality for these humorous scenes.

Tiara: Thanks again to Kang Soo’s quick thinking on saving Granny’s place. I do hope her grandchild wakes up, but I’m a little worried he’s not going to make it. That’s only going to make Kang Soo’s angry towards Jin Gyu grow. On a side note, I totally think Dong Soo’s hidden past is he was a gangster. Those two sketchy guys in the neighborhood are going to bring trouble.

OhSoEnthusiastic: Oh my goodness, my first thoughts when we were introduced to the characters from the noodle shop was 1) I swear those two are gangsters or once gangsters or some similar career path who’ve decided to put their gangster lives behind them and open a noodle shop together, and 2) they are so incredibly odd that they are perfect for each other, lol. But yeah, he has all the markings of a former gangster, and I’m wondering how that side plot is going to go. Maybe he has some sort of debt he owes his former pals? Or maybe they didn’t part with each other on good terms and now they’re back to exact revenge. I am very glad that Kang Soo and his group of friends were able to save granny’s place, but I’m wondering for how long. There’s no way Ji Yoon’s mom is going to take losing profits sitting down. I have a feeling she’s going to get rather nasty about it.

June: Yeah, you know she’s not going down without a fight, so i’m trying to prepare myself for when she starts using various methods to try and take down Granny’s place. Also, I had the same thought about him possibly being a gangster in the past. I think it would make sense!

Logan: I don’t want to see granny suffer :( Ji Yoon’s mom only cares about money, not justice. But the thing this drama has given us so far is that every injustice is addressed and that is kind of nice. Kang Soo and his army of friends can’t sit around and see bad stuff happen to good people (or bad people for that matter). It’s easy to see why Kang Soo has no problem keeping so many friends.

Tiara: Those are under statements about Ji Yoon’s mom. She’s going to bring some heat as she might have lost this battle, but she’s not out of the war. I’m guessing Dong Soo was some legendary gangster who left the business and probably pissed off those guys when he up and left. It will be interesting to see where the drama plans on connecting his storyline. I guess we need to talk about Kang Soo getting arrested for assault. Of course, we know it wasn’t him, but I don’t think Jin Gyu really cares since all evidences points to him.

OhSoEnthusiastic: I’m really loving the parallels we’re seeing there with Kang Soo being arrested for something he /didn’t/ do but is taking responsibility for anyway while Jin Gyu was arrested for something he did do but still won’t take responsibility for. I’m hoping the writers are going to come back to this parallel later and maybe use it as another teaching moment for Jin Gyu, because someone really needs to be giving him lessons in maturity and responsibility.

June: Yes at these parallels! I agree with everything you all said. We all know Jin Gyu needs some sort of lesson and I really hope the writers don’t drop the ball on that later. Ugh, I was so irritated when they came to arrest Kang Soo because I was just like he isn’t the one who did it!!

Logan: The parallel between Jin Gyu and Kang Soo was something I really thought a lot about too. Kang Soo also felt guilty for his friend getting hurt, even though it wasn’t his fault and also helps out Dan Ah feeling bad for her money situation when it wasn’t his fault either. Kang Soo realizes that, even without intention, your actions can hurt another. And even when he didn’t do anything wrong, he tries to make up for any part he causes in someone’s misfortune. Jin Gyu didn’t have bad intentions, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t do anything wrong. The scene where Dan Ah told him he should apologize and he thought it beneath him was very telling - you can’t become a better person until you acknowledge the things you did in your past that were wrong. I’m rooting for you, though, Jin Gyu. I believe you can become a good person if you try a little harder.


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