Welcome back to another week with the Strongest Deliveryman drama club. Who doesn't love a bit of good news? And we get a lot of it in this week's episodes. Unfortunately as is the case with most everything in life with the good news comes some bad news and our friends in Strongest Deliveryman are not immune to this fact. Join me, OhSoEnthusiastic, DeShonda, and Tiara as we talk the ups and downs of these episodes.


Strongest Deliveryman

Starring Go Kyung Pyo and Chae Soo Bin

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Logan: This week was a good news, bad news scenario. Bad news: all the restaurant owners found out that their Deliverymen were doing double duty and delivery for Kang Soo’s (still unbeknownst to him) Grandma. Good news: it gave Kang Soo an excuse to start the business he’d always dreamed of: an independent deliveryman service where they can be their own bosses, make a good living, get some healthcare finally, and look darn good in their suits. The moment they all were walking down the street, decked to the nines, all I could think about was how much I wanted to order delivery through their company.

Good news: Granny’s restaurant was still doing well. Bad news: It caused Ji Yoon’s mom to take drastic measure to shut down Granny’s business. I’m torn because I want Jin Gyu to succeed at running his restaurant. He’s putting more effort into it than he has anything else in his life and it turns out he’s actually really good at it. I think Kang Soo feels the same pains that I do. You can tell he really wants to cheer Jin Gyu on, for them to become friends after the hardships they’ve put each other through but with the way things are it has been impossible.

Bad news: Ji Yoon realizes that Kang Soo and Dan Ah have feelings for one another. Good news: this gives our Ji Yoon and Jin Gyu a shared connection with their crush liking someone else. Sure, these two are forced together and may or may not still hate each other but we can see the chemistry and relationship building. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about the potential of a secondary couple before. Because they don’t feel like a secondary couple. I feel invested in them and want them to be so happy.

I’ll take the bad news because it brings the good news along with it. Overall, still absolutely adoring this drama. It makes me look forward to Friday all that more every week. I’m expecting only good things to come from our remaining episodes - but guys we only have 3 weeks left!!! I can’t help but believe something crazy is about to happen.

OhSoEnthusiastic: This past week’s episodes were really great. Kang Soo’s finally started his business venture, and it’s going exceedingly well so far. Jin Gyu seems to have found purpose in life through his new job, and is not only doing well but is excelling. The two of them have reached an understanding of each other that has helped them develop a level of mutual respect. And our two couples are (just about) well on their way to joining the cruise ship The Love Boat. It really feels like the pieces are all starting to fall into place. There are still some rough waters ahead. Namely, whatever’s about to go down with Dong Soo and his former gang members, the inevitable chaos Ji Yoon’s mother is going to cause with her ‘business tactics,’ and the discovery of just who Kang Soo’s mother is. But things are really looking up. Now all I need -- I mean--all we need is for Jin Gyu and Ji Yoon to realize how perfectly compatible they are, and Dan Ah to realize she’s found something better than going abroad. A partner in life who’s going to be there come hell or high water or Hell High Water Joseon!

DeShonda: I really loved these episodes for this week! You took the words right out of my mouth Logan! There was a lot of good news and bad news. I am very happy and excited that Kang Soo is starting his own business. One of my favorite scenes was when they were walking in their suits too! Kang Soo and his crew look so cool! I felt so bad for Kang Soo’s Grandmother when they all got caught doing double duty. I don’t want her to lose her restaurant either. I am quite proud of Jin Gyu as well. As you mentioned, he has seemed to have found his purpose and he is doing very well in his new job. I really like the development of his character in this series. I am looking forward to seeing what happens with Dong Soo. He seems to have himself in a bit of a pickle with his former gang members. And I am enjoying the bits of romance we are getting between all of our couples as well.

Tiara: It really is the week of good news and bad news as Logan stated, but the highlight of the week has to be the opening of Strongest Deliveryman as a business. Kang Soo is one smart cookie who seems to always have multiple plans for rainy days. He’s is also making Dan Ah rethink that maybe there are some good things in the hell of Joseon.

Tthe most laughs have to be awarded to Ji Yoon for taking on Dan Ah. It’s such a funny switch from typically the boys getting into a fight over a girl to have the girls go one on one. I really like how Dan Ah and Kang Soo aren’t stopping their rivals in love as it isn’t up to them to stop them. It is up to the person of their affection to make the call.

I am worried about Yeon Ji and Chef Jang this week. Yeon Ji is working as a hostess bar to make some extra money. It seems she’s trying to fill in the empty hole when Dan Ah leaves but doesn’t want her to know about it. I worry that something terrible will happen to her as her customers are creeps, but I’m hopeful Min Chan will be her knight in armor or he’ll tell on her to Dan Ah. Chef Jang’s past is really coming back to haunt him. If he’s not able to put a stop to Viper using him, things are going to end up bad possibly for Soon Ae but himself too. I get the feeling Kang Soo will be on the case soon as Viper’s gang is loaning money in the area which caused Grandma to finally belly up. At least, I know Dan Ah will be a good bodyguard.

I agree with Logan about wanting to see Jin Gyu become successful knowing his difficult father. I just wished Madam Jung wasn’t so vicious in wanting to destroy the market. It’s a cutthroat market in the business world, but this lady doesn’t seem to play fair. As for Grandma, we haven’t seen the last of her as Kang Soo will not let this down without a fight. I just wonder how much longer Kang Soo’s mom is going to keep hiding and why. What happened so long ago to leave your son with your husband’s money?

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Strongest Deliveryman

Starring Go Kyung Pyo and Chae Soo Bin

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