Despite my love for Go Kyung Pyo as the leading man for the inspiring Strongest Deliveryman, I believe we're witnessing the rise of a Second Male Lead who may be on the cusp of becoming a new charming heartbreaker! Remember this name — Kim Sun Ho!

<Spoiler Alert> I'm compelled to issue an alert because I've watched the first 6 episodes of the fantastic new drama. However, you might want to just read on so that you don't miss the charming and adorable Kim Sun Ho.

Kim Sun Ho appears to be a rookie actor with only Chief Kim as his prior drama appearance. However, he is strong in acting because he has been a stage actor in numerous roles.

He plays Oh Jin Gyu, a chaebol's second son, who contributes nothing to his family's business and spends money like water as he pursues his fun interests. Yes, he is a frog that is full of flaws. However, there is a different side to him when we later realize that he suffers when his father shows disappointment and treats him with abuse. In other words, this is a redeemable character that has great room for growth. He'd be irresistibly adorable once he matures into a real man.

Already we see him with great chemistry with both female leads. Whether Jin Gyu is being standoffish or cheeky with Ji Yoon (Go Won Hee), the rich girl he is forced to date, or being sincere with Dan Ah (Chae Soo Bin), the delivery gal who can beat up a group of thugs in one instant and save a suicidal man the next, he is certainly delivering his hilarious dialogues and performances right on the money.

It begets the question of whether he may actually steal the leading lady, Dan Ah, from Choi Kang Soo (Go Kyung Pyo).

He also has a great bromance with leading man Go Kyung Pyo, who plays Choi Kang Soo, the titular Strongest Deliveryman with a strong sense of fairness and loyalty.

Best of all, when he smiles, he has the cutest dimple! 

Since we're still early in the drama, we may see Oh Jin Gyu descend into the dark realm or ascend into brighter future. It all depends on how the scriptwriter envisions the story as it unfolds. 

I'm pretty sure fans prefer to see our adorable frog transform into a genuine prince. 

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Let's hope the drama will end on a happy ending for all four leading characters!

Who is your favorite character in the new drama?

~ NancyZdramaland

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