K-dramas have brought us many excellent medical dramas, such as Good DoctorDoctor RomanticHospital Ship and more. Now, one of the fastest rising leading men, Go Kyung Pyo (Strongest DeliverymanJealousy Incarnate), will star as a doctor on a revenge mission. Find out more!

The new medical drama, Cross (working title), has assembled a strong team to work with the intriguing plot.

Go Kyung Pyo, who recently starred in the feel-good, inspirational drama Strongest Deliveryman, actually received the new offer even before Strongest Deliveryrman concluded its on-air broadcast. In Cross, he will play a man who becomes a doctor after his father was murdered 15 years ago. He will save lives as a doctor, while he seeks revenge against those responsible for his father's murder.

The new role is different from anything the rising actor has done previously. It should suit Go Kyung Pyo just fine, as he previously said that he wanted to continue to challenge himself and not always repeat the same type of roles.

Veteran actor Jo Jae Hyun (Kim SeondalPunch) will play a renowned liver transplant doctor and head of an organ transplant center. The two doctors are frequently in conflict.

Actress Jun So Min (One Percent of Something) was reportedly offered the leading lady's role, but it has not been confirmed. The role is the daughter of the transplant doctor. 

The new drama will be directed by Shin Yong Hwi, who directed the popular time-travel detective drama Tunnel. The script is written by Choi Min Sik, who was the scriptwriter for the movies My Brilliant Life and Blind.

Cross is slated to broadcast in January 2018.

In the meantime, let's revisit Strongest Deliveryman, a feel-good romantic drama that is perfect for binge-watching!


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