Park Hyung Sik might be the busiest human being alive. He's in the massively huge TV show, Heirs, the K-Pop boy band ZE:A, and he's also on MBC’s, Real Men. Oh, he's also 6'1 and proves in the November Cosmopolitan he can do it all in a tuxedo or a ski jacket!

The good-at-everything actor shows us his super dapper side in the magazine posing in many sophisticated and sharp looks. In the interview, he talks about life in ZE:A and his determination to only get better at everything! Check out the great photos as Park Hyung Sik shows us the most handsome way to get ready for the winter.

Park Hyung Sik looking like he's going to climb a mountain and marry you!

Super slick hair in layered jackets and necklace.

This is the look of a guy who has a lot of important thoughts.