The administrations of all 21 elementary and junior high schools in Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan have asked parents to refrain from allowing their children to use their smart phones after 9PM.

For kids in Kariya, playing around on their phones will no longer be an option after 9PM. Through text messages and popular applications like LINE, many kids have fallen victim to bullies who can harass them even after school hours. The days are long gone when kids could feel safe from bullies once they left school grounds. Now there's online bullying and harassment through texting. And bullying in Japan is and has always been a very big problem, just like it is here in America.

At the suggestion of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Science, many elementary and junior high schools all over Japan have banned students from bringing their smart phones to school, though enforcing these bans has been challenging. It is rare for a school district to outright ban phone use after school, showing how serious administrators in Kariya are about preventing bullying and harassment amongst the students.

Let's hope it works.