The consensus in education is that you need books to learn, but a group of 13 students at an elementary school in Mifune Town, Kumamoto in Japan might have just proven that idea wrong. Through a teacher's oversight, half the students in an art class went almost a year without their textbooks. After the school figured out that the students didn't have their proper required reading, an investigation was launched by the local board of education.

It was determined that the mix-up happened because the textbooks came in both volume one and volume two, and the teacher gave volume one to the fifth graders and intended to give volume two to the students the following year. However, the students got lost in the shuffle when they moved onto sixth grade and 13 of them never received volume two. It was noted that some students did occasionally borrow the book from other students.

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Parents discovered that their children didn't have the books this January. After they were done with their investigation, the board of education determined that there was no noticeable decline in the children's education and they were able to still pass the class. It definitely makes you wonder if we really even need textbooks for every class.