The famous Korean side dish is not only one of the healthiest dishes in the world, it is also beneficial for shedding those extra pounds. A professor from Seoul Health College, who is in charge of the kimchi museum research lab, said that “if a person eats some kimchi with every meal, it’s possible for them to lose five kilograms (about eleven pounds) in a month.

According to The China Daily, the spicy-fermented cabbage dish has been reported to be low in calories with a lot of lactic acid bacteria and minerals that are good for the body. The lactic acid alleviates constipation problems associated with obesity. The paper also stated that while kimchi has a lot of chili pepper and garlic, not much salt is used in the dish.

We posted awhile ago that kimchi helps in lowering cholesterol, and now it helps with weight loss too! Looks like it's time to stock up on a lot of kimchi, with summer approaching!

I love kimchi, so this is more good news for me. Do you have any favorite dishes you hope are good for you?