A new video by Japanese tissue maker, Nepia, shows just how many animals you can make with one single piece of tissue. The video, which is done in traditional stop-motion style, has over 300,000 views in less than two weeks on YouTube. The Nepia video starts with a human hand and a single piece of tissue paper, and from there the hand crafts several magical creations.

It begins with a single tree and then morphs into everything from a bird, to a frog, to a river, to a fish, each with its own unique sound effect. The goal of the video is to show just how many amazing creatures you can create with tissue, and it ends how it began, with one tree. The video then thanks the forest for using its materials to create such durable and high quality tissue. Check it out!

Everything comes from this one piece!

A tissue tree!

Watch out! This is just tissue, but he is still scary.

This bird might just fly away before you get the chance to blow nose your nose in it!