With the recent slew of Korean award shows and red carpets, we've seen a variety of K-fashion, but many fans have noticed that far too many actors and idols have been playing it safe on the red carpet. Red carpets are the time to let their individual personalities and the concept of their group shine, but unfortunately, some celebrities get drowned out due to their bland fashion choices. On the red carpet of the 25th Annual Seoul Music Awards, which just aired in Korea last evening on January 14, there seemed to be a black, white, and grey theme that some celebrities rocked and other celebrities barely made a pass at.  


SISTAR knows that black and white doesn't equal boring, and they proved it by choosing dresses with interesting cuts and textured fabric. Each member stood out in her own unique way, yet the group looked put together and true to their usual sexy, edgy concept. 

2. Apink 

There's no denying that Apink is adorable, and their bright smiles made up for what seems, at first, to be rather lackluster fashion. On closer inspection, several members did make a strong fashion case for themselves, with interesting ruffles, lace, and cuts, but it kind of all blends together when they are lined up in a row. 

3. Ailee

It looks like Ailee wasn't going to let any kind of fashion mandate stop her from standing out! Her bright red dress with a detailed corset made her one of the most memorable fashionistas of the night.

4. BtoB 

Sorry BtoB, but all white tuxes are a bit bland. It looks like they tried to make somewhat of an effort to mix things up with different cuts on each member, but it all gets drowned out in the overwhelming sea of white. At least they kept the red carpet fun with a human pyramid! 

5. BTS

BTS is hot as ever, but unfortunately didn't seem to be making any kind of fashion statement at all with their standard blue tuxes. I would have liked to see an added element of excitement, either in the form or unique colors, fabrics, or cuts tailored to reflect the personality of each member. 


At first glance, EXID might blend into the crowd with their standard black and white dresses, but when you look closer, you notice that the difference is in the detail. Each member has an element to their outfit, whether it's leather, lace, or velvet that makes it fun, plus their shoes are all to die for! 

7. EXO 

EXO is handsome in their individual cut, yet coordinating suits in shades of black, white, and grey. Their style seems to reflect the maturing of the group out of their rookie days. 

8. GFriend

GFriend went with a cute black and white concept with ruffles and bows that reflects the group's youth. Unfortunately, I'd have to say the look has been done by too many a K-pop girl group for them to leave a lasting impression. 

9. iKON

iKon was on point within the black and white concept, adding extra stylish elements, like unique jackets, combat boots, and ripped jeans, to each member's outfits to ensure that they wouldn't be forgotten. 

10. Red Velvet

Red Velvet appeared in pretty and flattering dresses with conservative fabric and cuts. Honestly, I would have loved to see them add some sort of vibrant or unique element to their outfits to make them pop. 

11. VIXX 

VIXX remained in the black and white concept, but they spiced things up with individual tailoring and cuts that differentiated each member from the others.

12. Monsta X

Decked out in brown and pink with touches of leopard print and red, Monsta X didn't seem to get the black and white theme memo, as they stayed true to their usual funky and unique concept. 

13. Seventeen

Seventeen played it safe with classic black and white tuxes. The occasional member stood out with a pop of brightly colored hair, but overall, this is a forgettable look.

14. Zion.T 

With his chic patterned jacket, sunglasses, and ash blond wavy hair, Zion.T managed to stand out while still fitting into the black and white theme. 

Do you wish more celebrities would make daring fashion choices? Who do you think was the best and worst dressed on the 25th Annual Seoul Music Awards red carpet? Comment below! 

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