Taiwanese actor, Chris Wu, has just won the Best Actor award at the 18th Asian Television Awards in Singapore. This is the first major award win for Chris, and he was very emotional as he accepted it. Chris Wu is well known to fans of DramaFever's Substitute Princess for his role as Terry.

Chris Wu won the Best Actor award for his performance in Love Comes with the Morning Sun, playing a man who was handicapped by polio in childhood and went through many of life's hardships to find love and regain self confidence.

The emotional Chris shouted from the stage, "I'm Wu Kang Ren. I'm from Taiwan." When Chris accepted the award, he thanked Chang Ting Hsu, whose real-life story was portrayed in the drama series, and dedicated the award to director Lee Chi Yuan who introduced him to acting.

It has been a five-year long wish that Chris made to win an acting award. He just missed out on the recent Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan and felt a little depressed. His nomination at the Asian Television Awards gave him new hope, but he didn't dare to expect to win. Now that he's won, he is reflective and wistful of his journey as an actor. He feels that he hasn't been very well known as an actor even though he loves acting.

Fans of Substitute Princess have certainly recognized Chris Wu as a great actor. While the show was on air, fans formed "Team Terry" for Terry, played by Chris, and pressed the show to have a happy ending for Terry. It's very possible that the scriptwriter heard the plea, because at the end of the show, one of those rarest events in Asian drama occurred when the second male lead, Chris, was together with the female lead.

Taiwanese actress, Chou You Ting, also won Best Actress Award for her drama series, Falling.

Congratulations to both Chris Wu and Chou You-Ting!