We got a cool package from the folks at Substitute Princess, and we thought we'd share the fun, along with our guest model Joann! Cool! Here we have a cute flier on the right, and a mystery package on the left. Let's see what's inside! It appears to be a packet of some sort. Getting curious! It's from 98 Degrees! Not the 90s band, but a super popular cafe in Taiwan (they have a few stores in the US now, too). Nice! Looks like they've sent us some rooibos tea. Delicious, and no caffeine! Joann chooses an Office Girls mug, of course. Substitute Princess is from the same network, so they won't mind. And... it's really good! Thanks to the Substitute Princess team for sending us this cute gift, and make sure to watch SP on DramaFever (starting tonight)!