Next time you’re in Thailand meeting Pu chai (har, har, har, City Hunter joke), make sure to stop by the Mister Donut shop and pick up some Sushi Do a.k.a donuts made to look like sushi! I never knew how much the world was asking for this sweet creation until I found out about it! Delicious soft baked donuts, shaped to look like cute sushi with frosting and decoration on top that resemble seaweed, and various fish like yellow fin tuna! Some of them even have a sugary gooey filling!

Now from the advertisements, I think they’re sold in a set of 10, which is cool. They sort of remind me of the Dunkin' Donut munchkins except they’re totally different and cooler. Mister Donut is actually a Japanese chain, but currently they're selling Sushi Do only in Thailand. Boo! Release Sushi Do to the world and bring Mister Donut to States so we can have Sushi Do too! (-_-)

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE