Former f(x) member, Sulli and Dynamic Duo’s Choi Ja have broken up, although Sulli’s agency SM Entertainment revealed, that the two still continue to be friends. Here are all the details about the you need about this heartbreaking breakup:

“They grew apart because of busy schedules and different lifestyles. They’re going to put the memories behind and support each other as a friend and colleague,” Choi Ja’s agency Amoeba Culture elaborated.

Choi Ja and Sulli seemed to be doing just fine when he said she “inspires me for every song I write” in a talk show that aired just a week ago. Choi Ja’s comment may suggest that the breakup was an unforeseeable one or that they haven’t been doing so well for some time before breakup.

When Jessi dropped the Don’t Make Me Cry music video in January, fans couldn’t believe Choi Ja had written the lyrics because the words were so heavyhearted and sad. In the m/v, Jessi sings her heart out saying, “ullijima (Don’t make me cry),” “don’t do me wrong,” and “don’t regret this.”

Sulli and Choi Ja started seeing each other around September 2013, according to a Dispatch report in August 2014.

We wish our best to Sulli and Choi Ja!



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