The K-Pop industry hasn't heard from f(x)'s cute baby member Sulli since July. Today, she returned to fans by joining her fellow castmates at the press conference for their new movie "Fashion KIng". She sat alongside actors Joo Won, Ahn Jae Hyeon, Park Se Young and many others as they began official promotions for the November 6 release.

During the press conference, the singer and actress compared her current image at home to the homely appearance of her character Eun Jin in the movie.

She added, "I tried to accurately portray Eun Jin putting academics before beauty. I'm uncertain how the audience will receive it."

The "To The Beautiful You" actress is Joo Won's love interest in "Fashion King". The story is about a high school student's attempt to be popular by dating a pretty female peer. Fashion plays a major role in the plot. 

Sulli abruptly withdrew from promotions for f(x)'s "Red Light" this summer following malicious rumors about her personal life.