F(x) member and To the Beautiful You star Sulli recently shot a new pictorial for the beauty brand Etude House. For their new line of cosmetics, the &Rose Collection, Etude was inspired by Disney classic Sleeping Beauty and all that is girly and delicate.

Sulli looks absolutely stunning, wearing makeup focusing mainly on her lips. In her first look, Sulli is wearing white and displaying a white rose ring, looks like a beautiful swan princess. White eyeliner on the bottom inside, blush placed on the apples of her cheeks to give her a youthful flushed look and fade out lip color!

In the second picture she stuns again in that burgundy pink lip color that matches perfectly to the rose and top she’s wearing! Notice the simple wing tipped eyeliner to complete the look! What’s really great about this particular lip color is the fact it really does look good on any complexion, and you can adjust how rich you want the color to look by simply applying it lightly or heavily as they’ve applied on Sulli.

The &Rose Collection will be available for purchase August 26th in all Etude House stores and on their website. It’s a must buy!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE