sulli bro2 F(x) member and To The Beautiful You star Sulli has a baby brother who showed more aegyo technique than all of F(x)! Backstage at Music Core, another K-pop music show like Inkigayo leader Victoria held onto Sulli's super cute baby brother who posed for pictures. San Yi gave his best aegyo ever! He did kissy face with his eyes closed, kissy face with his chin pointed up, kissy face with his chin pointed down and then a boss-like gaze into the camera. All of F(x) joined in giving their best aegyo kissy faces but were no match against the aegyo powers of San Yi. sulli bro Sulli also reported that San Yi was being a true supporter, and during their performance danced along. If only there were pictures and video of that! It's so obvious Sulli taught San Yi aegyo and it's great! Every child should learn proper aegyo technique, and who better to teach them than Sulli?! Because I love Sulli and San Yi so much, check out a few more photos of their sibling cuteness below!

san yi1

san yi2

san yi3

san yi4

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