fear of the neighbor's house Netizens are currently freaking out about a photo titled "Fear of the Neighbor’s House" was posted. The photo is of a normal, suburban house, except there's a... SKELETON LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW?! The photo was spread through SNS overseas, where the publisher explained, “A new neighbor moved in next door, so I looked out the window coincidentally, and it seems someone was looking at me as well.” Netizens who came across this fear of the neighbor’s house commented, “Is the fear of the neighbor’s house some of kind science lab?,” “Fear of the Neighbor’s House, why do they have something like that in the house?” “Fear of the Neighbor’s House, Oh~ It’s going to be scarier if you see something at night,” “Fear of the Neighbor’s House, I’m curious as to the reason why the skeleton is in the house.” (source: nate news)