No one was really all that surprised to find out that  Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk were dating in real life after the way they flirted behind the scenes of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, and now the adorable chemistry between Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun behind the scenes of My Secret Romance might just be enough to start some dating rumors of their own! 

Exhibit A: Sung Hoon jokingly tells Song Ji Eun, "Gross I can see your thighs," and sweetly covers them for her.  She is then barely able to hold in the laughter in as he carries her across the room: 

Exhibit B: Song Ji Eun feels bad that Sung Hoon has to carry her while running, so she cutely asks him how many fingers she is holding up and then gives him a playful massage:

Exhibit C: Sung Joon playfully and seductively wiggles his tongue at Song Ji Eun to make her giggle: 

There you have it! Their playful chemistry is so cute in real life!

While this article is just for fun, and we know they are just actors doing their jobs well, you have to admit that this is one cute couple behind the scenes! 

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My Secret Romance

Starring Sung Hoon and Song Ji Eun

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