Actress Sung Hyun Ah’s husband was found dead in his car yesterday morning. On May 10, 2017, the police confirmed that the death was a suicide.

Yesterday morning, a construction worker called the 911, reporting a strong odor from a gas-filled car, which was locked from inside and parked near an apartment construction site in Osan, Gyeonggi province.

The city of Seoul prosecutors has been pressing charges against Mr. Choe, the deceased, for embezzlement of over 10 million dollars.

Today, the police confirmed the manner of death as suicide. They handed the body to the family without having a medical examiner conduct an autopsy, because there was no obvious indication of a crime.

Sung Hyun Ah, who has been separated from her husband for years, learned of his death from the news.

“(Sung Hyun Ah) read the news. She is shocked and feels sorry for the loss,” her agency said. “The deceased had used up all of her wealth. He and Sung Hyun Ah have been separated.”

Mr. Choe’s family is planning for a funeral, which Sung will to attend. Sung and Cho got married in May 2010 and have a son.

The Flames of Desire actress was charged for prostitution last year. She was found guilty in the first and second trials, but acquitted of the charge in the court of appeals.

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