Fans of the I Need Romance series now have something to get really excited about as DramaFever will begin simulcasting I Need Romance 3 next week. The new drama features Kim So Yeon of Two Weeks and Iris, and Sung Joon of Shut Up Flower Boy Band and Lie To Me in a steamy noona romance. And who doesn't love a little noona romance now and then? Based on the stills released so far, this couple may have the best chemistry of the I Need Romance series yet!

The story focuses on a successful 33-year-old career woman, Shin Joo Yun (Kim So Yeon), who, because of a bad breakup, no longer believes in love. She is reunited with a younger family friend, Joo Wan (Sung Joon), who is smitten with her and pursues her relentlessly, trying to convince her to believe in true love again. It turns out that she can't resist his charms, but really, could anyone resist Sung Joon's charms? This is one beautiful couple:

Apparently, they have already filmed a few kissing scenes, and about them Sung Joon said, "Our chemistry is really great. I always look forward to and feel excited about our kiss scenes." When Kim So Yeon was asked about the romantic scenes at the recent press conference, she said, "If I end up filming a bed scene, I plan on being bold,” which made the whole crowd laugh.

Of course the rest of the cast is stellar with Wang Ji Won playing Shin Joo Yun's rival in both work and love, Oh Se Ryung, and Nam Goon Min playing the fourth piece of the love square, Shin Joo Yun's boss, Kang Tae Yoon. It seems like we can look forward to a convincing love triangle because when Kim So Yeon was asked which man she wants more, Sung Jun or Nam Goon Min, she replied smiling, “Honestly, I want both men.” Don't be greedy Kim So Yeon! Leave some for the rest of us.

These images certainly make me feel like I need a little romance in my life! Make sure to sign up for new episode alerts HERE and prepare yourself to fall in love next week on DramaFever!