Wonder Girls' fans are sad that Sunye is getting married. To console them, Yubin and Ye Eun had an online chat session with their fans. Ex-Wonder Girl member Sunmi also joined the session and said hello to fans.  "Hi Everyone! How are all of you? I've missed all of you. I'm little nervous since it has been so long since I've talked to you. I'll try to give you good news with Wondergirls members soon."
Fans interpret Sunmi's saying that she might re-join the Wonder Girls and they are happy about that. But there are also a lot of unhappy fans because she left the Wonder Girls to pursue an education WITH special treatment. However, JYP has dispelled the insinuation by calling the possibility a rumour.
What are your thoughts? Would you like Sunmi back with the Wonder Girls?
Source: www.news.nate.com