Who is the lucky girl who has captured the famous heartbreaker and real-life heir's heart? Taiwanese actor Sunny Wang has had a string of romances, and there are no less than 12 relationships that were in the news ever since he romanced Ariel Lin in her popular In Time With You drama. So his engagement news is quite stunning. The last time he made the headlines was a breakup, and now he's engaged? Sunny even proposed in such a romantic way that no girl in love could refuse.

Dominique Cai (Cai is pronounced Tsai) is a 29-year-old Taiwanese singer born in Sydney, Australia. She is actually Sunny's ex-girlfriend from 2007. They had a brief romance and reportedly broke up due to long distance. They've been rumored to be dating ever since late last December, while officially only admitting to being very good friends.

Recently they started to be more openly affectionate, calling each other endearing nicknames in their online posts. Dominique calls Sunny "My Little Sun." Sunny has referred to Dominique as his "Goddess" and even posted, "I am so lucky that you have returned to my life."

Perhaps they've realized they are really compatible in their backgrounds and common interests in music, sports, and nature. They both met each other's parents, which is a very important step in a serious relationship. So this is how the engagement unfolded:

On Dominique's birthday on April 7, Sunny surprised her with a proposal at her birthday party where both of their families and friends were also in attendance. Sunny knelt down and said that she has made him believe in fate, and regardless of whether it'll be in this life or the next life, he'd always find her wherever she might be. Sunny even designed the engagement ring himself. Dominique broke into tears and gave her nod. She later posted a photo of the cake with its touching message and announced "Little Sun and Dizzy are engaged."(DIzzy Dizzo is her musician name.)

There is no news yet on when the 32-year-old Sunny and 29-year-old Dominique plan to ring the wedding bells. For now, they are enjoying their love, as Dominique admitted that they are living together and not using contraceptives. (That's a little TMI, don't you think?) They denied that Dominique is already pregnant.

It's really a lovely story when two lovers find each other again.

We sincerely wish Sunny and Dominique every happiness now and forever.

Watch Sunny Wang in the series In Time With You:

~ NancyZdramaland

(Photo credits: chinatimes, facebook)