Another handsome leading man is married! Taiwanese-American actor and real-life heir Sunny Wang finally said I do with the beautiful Dominique Cai on December 27. Who is the bride that captured the well-known heartbreaker from In Time With You? Let's take a look at their lovely wedding photos and romantic vows to each other.

Fans were stunned when Sunny Wang proposed to Dominique Cai in April. The handsome hunk was known to be a heartbreaker, famous for very public love affairs with beautiful actresses and models. After the last breakup, just when everyone thought the handsome hunk will stay a committed bachelor, he announced his romance with Dominique Cai, an ex-girlfriend from 8 years before. When the two met again, they recognized each other as their destined true love. He surprised her with a proposal on her birthday on April 7.

Dominique Cai (aka Dominique Choy) is a 29-year-old Taiwanese singer born in Sydney, Australia. The couple share common interests in music, sports, and nature and frequently post photos of their adventurous trips and activities online. Sunny has referred to Dominique as his "Goddess" and even posted, "I am so lucky that you have returned to my life." 

Dominique also posted this photo when she announced their wedding date of December 27: "There's plenty of fish in the ocean but I've found my whale shark." 

Three hundred gift boxes of Godiva chocolates were distributed as wedding gifts, per Taiwanese custom to give sweet cakes for the happy occasion. The card reads, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a simple step." The other side of the card reads, "Welcome to our fairytale world."

Their romantic wedding took place in Dominique's home city, Sydney, Australia, on December 27. Reportedly 250 of their relatives and friends were flown to Australia in an all-expense-paid trip to celebrate the nuptials. On the eve of the blissful event, the 33-year-old and soon-to-be ex-bachelor wrote: "Tomorrow is a new beginning." Dominique posted the next day, "Today is the day! Just want to thank you for your staying by me. I'm so lucky to have you as my friends." 

These pre-wedding photos were released on December 23, just days before the wedding:

The wedding was held at the grounds of the 140-year-old Swifts mansion in Darling Point. The castle-like Victorian manor is famous for its Gothic Revival style. As the wedding began, Dominique entered by riding on a horse-drawn carriage, and she walked down the aisle with her father to the music of "Intro" by British indie band The xx, which both Sunny and Dominique love.

During the solemn and touching ceremony that took place under a century-old tree, the bride shed tears several times and the couple sealed their love with a long kiss and the exchange of wedding rings. 

In his vows, Sunny said to his bride, "I promise to always stay by your side. I can't wait to begin our adventure. Our journey, most importantly, is to start our own family. I will love you for a lifetime after lifetime after lifetime." The lovely Dominique said to Sunny, "Let us join together be on the planet until infinity, with the sun forever burning in my eyes. I love you."

The wedding festivities end with a spectacular five-minute fireworks show.

How much more romantic can a wedding get?

And, it is truly fateful when lovers reunite after an 8-year separation. 

We are very happy for Dominique and Sunny, and sincerely wish them to continue their romantic journey in love and in life. May the sun continue to shine on their love.

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