Many fans have discovered the joy of Korean and other Asian dramas as we laugh, cry, and sigh with the characters. Some of the dramas are especially addicting because we can't stop at watching them just once. When we finish the grand finale, we immediately go back to start from the beginning again. These are the super-addicting dramas that continue to linger or haunt us day and night.

Note: This is a very subjective list based on my personal experience as well as observations of fan feedback. Please add your own "addiction" to the Comments below. 

1. Boys Over Flowers, starring Gu Hye SunLee Min Ho, and Kim Hyun Joong

Among the many adaptations of the famous Japanese manga, Hana Yori Dango, this South Korean version is often the one that opens the door to entice new K-dramas viewers to become forever fans. It definitely deserves a stern warning!


Boys Over Flowers

Starring Gu Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho (Heirs)

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2. My Love From Another Star, starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun

An alien from another star crash-landed on Earth some 400 years ago. Right before he finds a way to return to his faraway home, he finally falls in love with an actress who lives next door. It's one of the greatest K-drama romance comedies with a fantasy flair. Even when you know the answer, you'd want to re-boot right away from the start.


My Love From Another Star

Starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun

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3. Goblin: The Great and Lonely God, starring Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun and Lee Dong Wook

The drama takes us into an intriguing world that's occupied by humans and immortals side by side. Our main character, the Goblin, has lived through centuries to search for a bride to help him rest in eternal peace. When he finally discovers love, he is faced with a difficult choice. Binge-worthy on a continuous loop, fans simply won't let Gong Yoo's Goblin leave.


Goblin: The Lonely and Great God

Starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

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4. Scarlet Heart: Ryeo, starring Lee Joon KiIU (Lee Ji Eun), and Kang Ha Neul

Although it's a remake of the Chinese time-travel classic, Scarlet Heart (aka Bu Bu Jing Xin), the Korean version excels in its cinematography, costumes, and sorrowful elegance. Fans are re-watching the drama and wishing for a happy sequel to unite the time-crossed lovers.


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Starring Lee Joon Ki and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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5. Heirs, starring Lee Min Ho, Park Shin HyeKim Woo Bin, and Choi Jin Hyuk

It's the last time that you'll see Lee Min Ho in high school, according to the Hallyu leading man himself. The drama's huge ensemble cast in a complex relationship drama ultimately is about young lovers who triumph over challenges despite differences in their backgrounds. The drama's staying power kept it on our popular Top 10 rankings for years. Many fans are attracted to the drama, perhaps knowing only Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye initially, but can't leave once they enter the same school of future stars. 



Starring Lee Min Ho (Heirs) and Park Shin Hye

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6. Descendants of the Sun, starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

The romance and adventure between a medical doctor and a special forces soldier swept fans into the Song-Song Couple fandom, and DOTS fever will probably continue to affect many without a cure. The country of Greece should prepare for an onslaught of DOTS tourists who want to visit the beautiful islands where romance shines extra bright.


Descendants of the Sun

Starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Gyo

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7. Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao

This fantasy romance saga, about celestial immortals who succumb to the power of love despite their own magical powers, has many fans openly lament their inability to leave the fantasy universe while they watch it again and again. Meanwhile, leading man Mark Chao has become synonymous with Crown Prince Ye Hua.  Don't try to talk to a fan when he/she is watching this drama.


Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (aka Eternal Love) - 三生三世十里桃花

Starring Yang Mi and Mark Chao

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How do you like this list? 

Which addicting dramas would you add to the group?

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